Report: Google Wants to Become a Network

Google bosses are dreaming about adding wireless services to the search giant's menu of offerings, in the US at least. A couple of unnamed sources "who have discussed the matter with Google" told Amir Efrati at The Information that it would roll out the service in the same areas where Google Fiber is offered. In other words, Google wants it all. Read More >>

AT&T Pours Water Over Vodafone Takeover Rumours

Rumours of American mobile giant AT&T's interest in Vodafone have circulated since October, with CEO Randall Stephenson speaking of a "huge opportunity" for a network to pick up the pace with high-speed mobile broadband this side of the Atlantic. However, for the time being at least, it seems that Vodafone is no longer AT&T's target. Read More >>

This One Ad Sums Up Everything Wrong With Technology

It's hard to know where to start with US carrier AT&T's ad above, which promotes both the iPhone 5C and the carrier's frequent update plan. But let's begin at the very end, with a tagline that is equal parts true and cynical and depressing as hell: Read More >>

Is EE Going to Get Bought By the Americans?

Here's an interesting rumour. The American network, AT&T, is looking at buying into the UK mobile party, with EE apparently top of the list. Are we soon going to be subjected to the fake "4G" marketing bullshit, and horrendous charges our US cousins are currently suffering? Read More >>

AT&T's Cutting-Edge Computer Graphics Workstation Looked Outdated Even in 1982

Before the internet as we know it came to be, there were other services that delivered news and information to homes via computers and TVs. Like AT&T's failed Viewtron system, which required content creators to shell out £20,100 for this Frame Creation Terminal that produced crude computer graphics even by Mario Paint standards. Read More >>


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