Buying Pieces of the Space Race at Bonhams' Space History Auction

This week, Bonhams hosted an auction of historical space items in Manhattan. The Space History Sale featured troves of objects and documents, both American and Soviet, dating back to the heyday of the space race.  Gizmodo got the chance to take a peek. Read More >>

All I Want For Christmas is Misty the £600,000 Diplodocus

My most prized Christmas present ever was the Jurassic Park T-Rex toy, complete with speaker-embedded stomping feet and "realistic" rubbery skin. I still have it sitting on my bookshelf, where it proudly surveys all that goes on in my household. Were I the son of a Saudi Prince, I'd probably have popped the real-life remains of "Misty" the diplodocus on the top of my Christmas list instead. Read More >>

Inside Jony Ive's Extraordinary (and Very Expensive) Sotheby's Auction

Jony Ive creates objects that end up in the hands of hundreds of millions of people. But for his latest trick—a RED charity auction—he and designer Marc Newson are offering up something else: The one-of-a-kind. Read More >>

26 Stunning Cartoon Backdrops That Deserve To Be Hung on a Wall

Have you ever found yourself watching a cartoon and noticing the illustrations behind the characters? Those backgrounds can often be prettier than the action in the foreground. If only those pesky mice and long-nosed boys would get out of the way! If so, the upcoming Beverly Hills Animation Art Signature Auction is for you. Read More >>

You Can Buy the Leica That Captured the Iconic Kiss in Times Square Picture

If you fancy buying yourself a little slice of photographic history, now's your chance. Because the Leica IIIa rangefinder used by Alfred Eisenstaedt to capture the iconic V-J day photo Kiss in Times Square is up for sale. Read More >>

Sad Government Accountants Probing £1.2bn 4G License Flop

The National Audit Office, which is like the nagging voice that keeps track of the government's spending and receipts, is to investigate the results of the recent 4G auction -- which saw the mobile networks paying £1.2bn less than anticipated. Read More >>

Buzz Aldrin's Moon Toothbrush (And Much, Much More) Is Up For Sale

Now that the Bonhams' controversial space memorabilia auction finished a few days ago, we can focus on the next big gig: the 2013 April 18 Space Exploration Signature Auction by Heritage Auctions. This is an amazingly huge pile of 549 lots, full of highly desirable must-have items for the space enthusiast. Read More >>

Seven Pieces Of Space History That You Can Own

Bonhams auction house is hosting a space history sale tomorrow. They've done similar things in the past, but this one is more fun because it's NOW, and Buzz Aldrin is opposed to it. Controversy and memorabilia, in one package. Read More >>

Vodafone: 4G is Niche and for "Technology Freaks" Only Right Now

Clearly forgetting that his company is currently bidding for an enormous chunk of 4G spectrum in the UK, Vodafone's chief exec Vittorio Colao has described 4G as being for "freaks" and claims he's not yet seeing any impact from EE's early doors launch. Colao said: "I haven't got reports of customers flying away to 4G," adding "The kind of people who are going for it are technology freaks." [Guardian] Read More >>

The UK 4G Auction Is Now Officially Underway With Seven Bidders Going for It

Hooray, the official UK 4G auction bidding war is finally underway. Bidders are now free to throw their cash at Ofcom, using what basically sounds like Ofcom's own version of a top-secret eBay. Read More >>

4G Spectrum Auction Bidding to Kick Off 23rd Jan

The action involving Ofcom and its shortlist of 4G bidders is about to get underway, with the spectrum divvying process set to start two weeks from now. On January 23rd the process to formally allocate the 4G spectrum inside the UK starts, with the bidding process expected to take two months. The government is expecting to pocket a £3.5bn lump sum from selling off these invisible airwaves. [Guardian] Read More >>

Ministry of Defence Flogging its Own 4G-Ready Radio Spectrum

Our cash-strapped MoD is about to receive a bit of a windfall, thanks to plans to sell off a chunk of radio spectrum it currently uses for emergency services. Read More >>

The Proper, Full UK 4G Auction Is Finally Getting Underway

It seems like we've been waiting forever for this damned 4G spectrum auction to happen so that everyone else, other than EE, can get on and offer the sweet, blazing speeds that only 4G can deliver. Finally, after delays, re-assessments, and legal threats, the rest of the networks can now shove their applications in and get the ball rolling, if they have £100,000 lying around that is. Read More >>

You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever for £15,000

If you have 15 grand lying around and gathering dust, why not spend it on buying every single Super Nintendo game ever? YES. DO IT. Also, why not hang out with me after you buy it so we can play all 721 SNES games you just bought? Sounds like a plan! Read More >>

Broken Apple-1 Expected to Sell for £80,000

Deep-pocketed Apple enthusiasts have a big chance to buy themselves a bit of history in October, thanks to an incredibly rare Apple-1 going up for auction. Read More >>

Churchill's Land Rover to be Auctioned for £60k

Once gifted to Sir Winston Churchill as a 80th birthday present, the Series 1 Land Rover is set to be auctioned for an estimated £60,000 after spending the last 35 years in a shed. Rover gave the prime minister the classic car as a present back in November 1954, complete with registration number UKE 80. Read More >>


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