This Ad's Optical Illusion Reveals the Hazards of Driving

Audi's luxury vehicles include a night-vision system that will automatically warn drivers about hazards on the road. And to drive home just how life-saving it can be, the company's ad agency created a brilliant billboard in an airport with a secret hazard that was only revealed to passengers when they got closer and closer. Read More >>

This Ski Lodge Has Been Extr-Audi-narily Revamped

The Obergurg-Hochgurgl ski area, in the Austrian Alps, is full of lodges just like this: charmingly worn and oh-so-cozy. But as part of a recent promotion, Audi and the ski resort commissioned Designliga, a Munich interior design firm, to transform a rustic ski lodge into a futuristic design object. Read More >>

Audi's Traffic Light Assistance Ensures You Never Hit a Red Light

The only thing more annoying than having to obey the speed limit when driving is having to frequently stop at red lights. So in an attempt to become the world's cleverest automaker, Audi has created a new in-dash system that tells you how fast or slow you need to drive in order to hit as many green lights as possible. Read More >>

Audi's Quattro Laserlight Concept Car is a Gorgeous Powerhouse

Audi has shown the future it aspires to. Meet the Quattro Laserlight. This thing is fucking insane. I'm speechless. I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about cars, but you'd have to be a moron not to see that this car concept is ridiculous. Read More >>

Audi Shows Off the Brains of its Future Self-Driving Cars

During their CES keynote Audi detailed what it means about the future of mobility including self-driving cars and connected technologies. Importantly, it detailed the brain that will ultimately allow a car to drive itself. It looks like a massive computer motherboard about the size of an iPad. Read More >>

Google is Taking Android to the Car With Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai

Google has just announced that it's joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. In other words, it's planning to take Android to the automobile. Read More >>

Android Set to Power the Fun/Entertainment Part of Next-Generation Audis

Rumours suggest that middle-aged-rich-man car maker Audi is about to do a deal with Google, which could see future models from the German maker having Android power all of its onboard entertainment and guidance systems. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn't Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. Read More >>

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Watch an Awesome Audi A7 Actually Go and Park Itself In a Car Park

OK, so you've seen cars able to parallel park themselves with you working the pedals in the car, but have you seen one actually drive off into a car park, find a space, park itself, and then come and pick you up again when you're done, all by itself? This is awesome. Read More >>

Do Not Visit This Booth if You Have a Hangover

Don't go into the Audi booth without sunglasses. It's an entire squint-inducing tunnel of light. Read More >>

Google's Not the Only One With a Driverless Car This Year

Looks like CES 2013 might be the year of the driverless car as both Audi and Toyota/Lexus have confirmed they'll be bringing their new autonomous vehicles to the show. Move over Google, looks like you're not the only game in town anymore, and maybe we'll actually be able to buy a self-driving Audi or a Toyota soon. Read More >>

This Robot Racing Car Is a Much Better Driver Than You (at 120MPH)

What you're looking at here is Standford's driverless Audi TTS, which can blast round a track much faster than you could ever dream of going, and it's entirely automated. Read More >>

The Race Car-Inspired Chair Designed Using Direct Feedback From Your Bum

Furniture designers have a general idea of what makes for comfortable furniture, thanks to years of research, intuition, and user feedback filtered down into theory. But much of this has largely been driven by qualitative feedback instead of something more quantitative. That's what the R18 Ultra chair wants to change. Read More >>

OLED Lights Will Make Future Audis Glow Like Jellyfish

Like a bioluminescent creature rising from the depths, these OLED lighting concepts from Audi are simply otherworldly. Eat your heart out, KITT. Read More >>

Okay, Nope: This Is the Best Booth at CES

I'm sure whatever booth Robbie checked out at CES is great, but the best booth at CES didn't come from an ultrabook or smart TV manufactuer. Nope, it came from Audi. I am steadfast in my belief that it is BETTER. Like OMGHOLYSHITDONTEVENTRYTOARGUEWITHMEONTHISONE better. What makes it so great, exactly? Um, have you looked at the photos yet? Read More >>

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Audi Ad Turns the iPad's Slide To Unlock Into a Twisting Driving Course

Before you get too excited, you can't actually turn your iPad or iPhone's "slide to unlock" feature into a twisting race course. What you see here is actually an interactive ad created by Audi for the iPad, promoting their magazine. Read More >>


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