Why Holidays are Dangerous and You Should Stay at Home This Summer

Everywhere across the UK, holiday providers are wringing their hands in desperation because Britons have decided to stay at home this summer. Thanks to our mega-heatwave and the promise of a 40 minute tube ride with forty other exposed armpits, Brits just don't want to go abroad. I applaud this sensible thinking. In my view holidays are overrated, and in fact downright dangerous. That's right. I know that, because I went on holiday last year and nearly died. Read More >>

Clive Palmer is One Step Closer to His Real-Life Jurassic Park Dream

You remember Clive Palmer, right? He's the crazy billionaire who plans to build Titanic II and Jurassic Park in Queensland, Australia. Well, now he's just taken one giant step closer to the better of his two money-soaked film-recreating dreams. Read More >>

This Fossil-Covered Museum Houses Australia's Largest Dino Collection

Australia's Outback is a forbidding land, and many of its dinosaur bones remain unexcavated. But in the early 2000s, a small family of cattle ranchers discovered a bone gold mine on their land. They set out to build a structure for their ongoing find—and their sheer enthusiasm convinced a group of architects and contractors to build the museum pro-bono. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When Technology Fails Live on Air

One poor Australian news anchor was left literally speechless, babbling about various bits of stories, when her autocue failed mid-way through a story. This just goes to show that without that scrolling script telling them what to say, anchors are just like the rest of us, floundering around in front of the live camera. Read More >>

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The World's First Supersonic UAV Is Ready for Takeoff

The ability to drop bombs on targets a continent away can be a huge tactical advantage (even if just for sabre-rattling). Doing so at supersonic speeds, nearly automatically, is even better. That's why the UK has spent the better part of a decade developing the Taranis, one of the biggest and fastest UAVs in existence. Now it just needs to prove it can actually fly. Read More >>

This House Has a Pool With an Island and Nothing Else Matters

Do you need to know anything else about the Canterbury House once you find out it has a pool with an island in the middle? Nope. Sold! Read More >>

True Blue, The Aussie Prime Minister Has Written a Mini-Review of Google Glass For Gizmodo Australia

Our cousins down under somehow hoodwinked PM Julia Gillard into writing about her "remarkable experience" using Google Glass. Can you imagine the uproar if David Cameron slipped a pair on and found time to write for us? Beats banging on about Kate Middleton and The Smiths, mind. [Gizmodo Au] Read More >>

It's Less Expensive to Fly to the US and Buy Adobe CS6 Than to Buy It in Australia

Adobe may be trying its best to skirt the issue of crazy high prices in Australia, but it's going to be hard as long as news outlets like keep pointing out that it is actually cheaper to fly to the US and pick up a copy of Adobe CS6 than it is to stay in Australia and buy it there. Read More >>

Australia's Now Hot Enough to Vaporise Petrol

Forget frying eggs on the sidewalk, never mind the new heat index colors, Australia's record-setting heat wave is so insanely intense that in some areas drivers can no longer refuel their vehicles because the petrol evaporates as it's pumped. Read More >>

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Google Maps Might Kill You as Well

Oh, how we laughed when Australian police warned users against using Apple Maps. Stupid Apple! Stupid, rubbish Apple. Except now they've warned against using Google's mapping tool as well, in case it leads coach loads of kids to their doom. Read More >>

Apple Shows It Can Fix Things Pretty Quickly, When It Actually Wants to

After the Australian police waded in over crappy Apple Maps sending people into the middle-of-bleeding-nowhere to die, Apple's already fixed the issue. Apparently it wasn't all Apple's fault, but it goes to show Cupertino can turn around and fix stuff fast, so why did it take so bloody long to fix 'Duncaster'? Read More >>

Australian Police Warns the Public Not to Use iOS 6 Maps

It's been official for a while now: iOS 6 Maps suck. Everyone from Tim Cook to my mother knows it, but now it's getting scary. Victoria Police are advising people not to use iOS 6 Maps due to safety concerns. What are those safety concerns? Oh nothing, really, just people stranded deep inside a remote national park, that's all. Read More >>

Google Found Guilty of Libel Over Refusal to Remove Search Result Links

A big hole has been punctured in Google's usual defence against libel, with an Australian court throwing out the search giant's argument that it's just a listing tool. All because it didn't remove a link to an incorrect web site. Read More >>

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This Spectacular Sea Tornado Will Shrink Your Gonads

Sea tornados off the coast of Australia are not new. But this one is particularly striking and huge. It was filmed this Sunday at Batemans Bay, in New South Wales. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Launch Scandal: Apple Accused Of Ignoring Queue To Find Its Own First Owners

Sydney’s flagship Apple Store threw its doors open at 8am local time this morning to the sound of thunderous applause. Those at the front of the queue who had been queueing for three days entered the store, weary, ready to collect their prize: the world’s first iPhone. But that’s not how it went down. Read More >>

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Watch This Tornado of Fire Swirl Around the Australian Outback

For 40 minutes, a bush fire burning across the Australian Outback swirled in a terrifying and breathtaking column of pure flame. The tornado of fire was caught on camera by Chris Tangey, of Alice Springs Film and Television, who was scouting locations in the area when the fiery twister erupted before his eyes! [DailyMail] Read More >>


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