Apple Has its Eye on Auto-Adjusting Screen Contrast Patent

Apple's latest niche little patent idea covers automatically adjusting mobile displays. Such systems have been around for years, but Apple's new idea uses the contrast level of media rather than ambient light to set its display level. Read More >>

Google Now's Auto-Airline Boarding Passes Are Go

Google Now, arguably the best thing about owning an Android phone right now, has just gotten a boost in the war with Apple's Passbook. It'll now search your email for flight confirmations and grab your boarding passes, plus fire flight notifications at you. Currently it only supports certain airlines, but it's expanding rapidly. Awesome. [Google via Android Community] Read More >>

We're Going to Need a Bigger Cloud: Dropbox Adds Auto-Uploads to Mac and PC Tools

As well as making the lives of smartphone users easier by letting us upload all our photos to its server automatically, Dropbox is now rolling out the same feature to its desktop software, so PC and Mac photographers can sync every single photo they take. Read More >>


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