Government Offers Towns £10m to Pioneer Driverless Vehicles

Part of the chancellor’s National Infrastructure Plan announced during yesterday's Autumn Statement asks for a town to offer itself up as a test bed for driverless vehicles, with a kitty of £10m on offer to help transition one area to an autonomous vehicle future. Read More >>

Elon Musk's Next Sci-Fi Trick is an "Auto Pilot" Self-Driving Tesla Car

Rocket and tube enthusiast Elon Musk says his Tesla electric car company has joined the race to build a self-driving vehicle, revealing plans for a Tesla that's able to operate itself mostly on "auto pilot" while you sit there being bored, within the next three years. Read More >>

Britain Takes One Massive Step Forward to a Driverless-Car Future

I can hardly believe what I'm reading, but it seems British legislators are actually keeping up with technology for once. By the end of 2013, autonomous cars will be allowed to be tested on UK public roads, not just private test tracks. The future may not be as far away as we once thought. Read More >>

Volvo's Awesome New Autonomous Self-Parking Car Is Its Own Valet

Realising that cars that automatically parallel park themselves are old news, Volvo has taken the concept one step — actually several miles — further with a new concept vehicle that can actually find an empty spot and park itself in a bay. You just abandon your car at the entrance of a car park, and like a valet you never have to tip, it takes care of the rest. Read More >>

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Watch an Awesome Audi A7 Actually Go and Park Itself In a Car Park

OK, so you've seen cars able to parallel park themselves with you working the pedals in the car, but have you seen one actually drive off into a car park, find a space, park itself, and then come and pick you up again when you're done, all by itself? This is awesome. Read More >>

This Team of Quadrocopters Can Throw and Catch Better Than You

Remember the team of autonomous quadrocopters that could work cooperatively? Well they're back and upgraded with the ability to thrown and catch objects on the fly. You need to watch it to believe it. Read More >>

Marine Robot Helicopters Can Now Snatch Cargo Without Landing

With a skilled pilot at the controls, a helicopter can easily pick up cargo while remaining hovering in the air. It's a time-saving maneuver that the US Marine Corps' K-MAX autonomous helicopter has just learned to perform itself. Read More >>

Automated Drones Flying Over the Irish Sea, With Men Onboard Just in Case

A consortium led by BAE Systems is trialling a new form of pilotless plane over the Irish Sea right now, which does away with the human element altogether, in favour of a drone that follows a pre-set route all by itself. Read More >>

Google's Driverless Cars Have Finally Been Let Loose on the Roads

Earlier this year, Nevada became the first state in the US to approve the use of self-driving cars on its highways. Now, it's granted its first license for the vehicles and it goes to — what a surprise — Google. Read More >>

Google Expands Its Autonomous Fleet With Hybrid Lexus RX450h

Google has added another family member to its autonomous vehicle program, and an eagle-eyed reader in Southern California caught the Big G's Lexus RX450h out and about during testing. Read More >>


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