Why Drone Engineering Sucks (and How It Gets Better)

Despite our international obsession with drones — both their awesome powers and terrifying repercussions — the truth is that they're an incredibly immature technology. And, like most immature technologies, that means they're not quite all they're cracked up to be. Read More >>

Autonomy Founder: HP's a Bunch of Lying Liars

The HP-Autonomy multi-billion dollar ticklefight has escalated quickly from buck-passing to finger-pointing; in an interview today with the Wall Street Journal, Autonomy founder Mike Lynch gently explains his considered viewpoint that HP can go shove it. Read More >>

Guy Responsible for HP's Humiliating $11 Billion Autonomy Purchase: Don't Look at Me!

The man who engineered HP's disastrous $11.1 billion purchase of Autonomy — a company whose accounting improprieties just cost the laptop behemoth a whopping $9 billion — is Léo Apotheker. So what does the man who let an acquisition of this size go through without proper due diligence think about the deal after today's revelations? Read More >>

Company HP Bought For $11 Billion Just Cost HP $9 Billion

All is not well at Meg Whitman's HP, we learned during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call this morning. HP just recorded a $9 billion devaluation of its assets stemming from serious accounting tomfoolery at a company that HP bought for $10 billion last year. Ouch. Read More >>

Larry Ellison of Oracle Calls Autonomy CEO Lying Liar

Unless companies are suing each other over patents, you can expect a level of disconnected PR speak when companies talk on the record about each other. Unless you disrespect Oracle, then it's on. Read More >>


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