Monkey Controls Sedated Primate Pal Using its Mind in Avatar-Like Experiment

Scientists have been able to make one monkey control the body of another sedated primate test subject, in an experiment that may offer hope to those suffering from paralysis. Read More >>

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Here's Everything Wrong with Avatar

Do you remember watching Avatar? It was a pretty long time ago! And though it looked amazing in 3D IMAX (and not so amazing on sad old DVD) there were definitely things wrong with the movie. Like how it was Pocahontas or Dancing With The Wolves with a giant blue man group. Or how it was only fun when you watched it in 3D. Anyway, Cinema Sins takes Avatar to task and finds everything wrong with the movie in less than 4 minutes. [Cinema Sins] Read More >>

Mind-Controlled Robots Bring Us One Step Closer To Our Avatar Future

It's been speculated—in big budget movies, no less—that one day mankind will never leave its computers, and will instead explore the world through virtual reality and robots. And here's the cutting-edge research that will make that nightmarish future possible. Read More >>

A Real-Life Robocop Is In Development

If the idea of your boss attending boardroom meetings via an iPad on wheels puts you on edge, what will you make of "PatrolBot"? Meet a real-life Robocop, kind of. Read More >>

This Is Why People Pirate

Do you know why people hate movie studios? Why, increasingly, they're driven to download content illegally, even though they're perfectly willing to pay for it? Because of crap like this. Read More >>

34 Months Later, Avatar Will Become Available on Blu-ray In 3D

If you already own Avatar in 3D on Blu-ray, you would've had to purchase a Panasonic home entertainment kit in the last couple of years, thanks to Fox's exclusive partnership with Panny. Or, you would've resorted to forking out £26 for a second-hand copy on eBay. But finally James Cameron's eco-warrior flick will become available to home viewers, this October, in 3D. Read More >>

Crazy Shoulder Robot Turns Your Friends Into Jiminy Cricket

Have you ever been talking to a friend on the phone and lamented the fact they were so far away? That's exactly the problem this bizarre shoulder-mounted MH-2, or 'miniature humanoid', seeks to solve. By turning them into a Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder, minus the good advice. Read More >>

Augmented Reality Avatar James May Is Your New Museum Buddy

Unlike Tupac, BBC host James May doesn't have to be dead before we get an augmented reality version of him. Granted, this is not quite as thrilling as having a Hologram Tupac Shakur perform as if still living, but as far as museum guides go, an augmented reality miniature man is a pretty sweet deal. Read More >>

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This Avatar Android Will Perform Life-Threatening Work on the ISS

There are certain areas of the International Space Station that most astronauts would rather not visit—like the exterior. But sometimes, somebody has to clamber around out there, looking for hull cracks. That's when the ISS calls on Russia's SAR-400 telepresence assist-droid. Read More >>

Mass Effect 3 Is Your Time-Wastin'-and-a-Killin' Deal of the Day

There’s only one bargain out there in the retail wilderness right now that DEMANDS to be hunted down and captured with nets, guns, drugs and cunning – and we’ve been out there first thing this morning and done just that, before dragging it back to camp for you to feast on. Read More >>

A Mouse Made Just For You Will Be Your Medical Avatar

When you check in to a hospital in the future, along with checking your vitals and ordering a blood panel, your doctors may assign you a personal mouse. Read More >>

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Titanic 3D: Spectacular Visuals, But Also Spectacular Arse-Ache

It's an epic film, laden with eleven Oscars and one of the biggest box-office returns in history. It also has a running time of biblical proportions, and many backsides were irretrievably numbed by the experience. But do you really need to see Titanic in glorious, stereoscopic 3D? Director James Cameron thinks you do. Read More >>

Russian Mogul Plans to Plant Our Brains in Robots and Keep Them Alive Forever

The Pentagon's new Avatar project, unveiled by Danger Room a few weeks back, sounds freaky enough: Soldiers practically inhabiting the bodies of robots, who'd act as "surrogates" for their human overlords in battle. Read More >>

A Real-Life Robotic Avatar Turns You Into a Machine

Avatar has taken one giant leap towards becoming real thanks to some Japanese robotics boffins. Their new Telesar V gives wearers of a head-mounted display, some vest-mounted sensors and a special pair of gloves the ability to not only control a robot, but see, hear and feel what it does too. Read More >>

Sonic Generations Is Your Spiky Blue-Haired Deal of the Day

Who’s the most recognised figure in the history of human beings? Easy, it’s probably Jesus Christ. But who’s the second most recognised figure in the history of human beings? Hmmm… it’s probably Sonic The Hedgehog isn't it? Read More >>

Avatar Brings Actual Special Features to iTunes Special Features

The special features you get with iTunes' movies aren't really that special. Well, if anyone is going to do something about it, it's James Cameron. Say what you want about the guy, he's always pushing the technological envelope. Read More >>


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