Chinese Researchers Create Potentially Deadly Strain of Avian Flu

A team of Chinese researchers have deliberately created deadly new strains of influenza in a veterinary laboratory — and are now on the receiving end of severe criticism from across the wider scientific community. Read More >>

Scientists Restart Work on Deadly Engineered Avian Flu

In January 2012 scientists around the world halted research on engineered avian flu viruses over concerns that the work was too dangerous. Now, those scientists are taking to labs once more to continue their work. Read More >>

Scientists Will Halt Research on Avian Flu That Could Kill Half the World's Humans—for Two Months

The scientists who created an airborne and extremely contagious strain of bird flu say they are temporarily halting their research for 60 days. Oh good! Looks like we don't have to be cripplingly terrified until April. Read More >>


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