BA OKs Passengers' Take-Off and Landing Tech on Flights From Today

BA is to today become the first European airline to approve the use of technology including smartphones and tablets during take-off and landing, following last month's EASA decision to green-light in-flight gadgetry. Read More >>

Domino's Spoofs BA Billboard With "Look Down" Live Pizza Delivery Tracking

We're not sure if this Domino's add is based on real technology or just an attempt at getting a video to go viral, but still. It's quite clever, gently mocking BA's awesome Look Up plane tracking advert by monitoring the progress of a pizza delivery about the city. Read More >>

BA's Digital Billboard Can Point Out Specific Flights as They Pass Overhead

I can't be the only person who, on a dreary winter's trudge towards the office, has looked up at the sky and wondered what tropical climes the passengers of an overhead plane are heading off to. Thanks to an inventive new billboard advert from BA, my wistful wonderings have been answered. Read More >>

BA Trialling Reusable Electronic Luggage Tags

Creative agency Designworks has designed and built this all-digital modern version of the luggage tag at the request of British Airways, which will be testing the system out later this month. Read More >>

BA's Taking the First Step to Lifting Mobile Phone Restrictions

From July 1st, you'll be able to make calls from your phone just after the wheels touch tarmac on British Airways flights. The airline is the first in Europe to lift bans on powered-up electronics, allowing you to use your gadgets the moment the plane has landed and trundled off the runway. Read More >>

Now There's Something You Might Finally Use Passbook For in the UK

Pushing the digital ticket to its logical Apple-themed extension, BA's finally added Passbook support to its iPhone app, meaning there might be something other than Starbucks to use with Passbook in the UK. Read More >>

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This Is What the Inside of BA's New Monster A380 Jet Looks Like

The Airbus A380 is one impressive bird, but you're unlikely to have flown on one yet, unless you've flown with Air France or something. That might change now that BA's got one, and boy does it look damn awesome in red, white and blue. Now, where did I put that lottery ticket? Time to win me some dosh so I can go trans-Atlantic cruising in first class. [BA] Read More >>

BA Develops New Mile-High Tea Bag for Ultimate In-Air Refreshment

The amazing innovations in complex modern tea-baggery continue, with airline BA teaming up with tea specialist Twinings to develop a special blend that takes into account the variations in taste and temperatures experienced while scooting about 30,000 feet up in the sky. Read More >>

BA Finally Gets Permission to Let You Keep Watching Stuff on Taxi, Take-Off and Landing

British Airways is just about to become the first airline in the UK to allow you to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music from the moment you sit down in your seat to the moment you disembark the aircraft. Finally, why did it take so bloody long? Read More >>

BA Planning iOS 6 Passbook Ticketing Options

Apple fans running iOS 6 might soon be able to cruise through check-in in a very futuristic fashion indeed, thanks to British Airways planning to offer support for Apple's Passbook electric ticketing system. Read More >>

BA Looking at Introducing Limited Mobile Use on Planes

BA boss Willie Walsh has spoken out on the issue on in-flight mobile use, claiming that current UK restrictions are out of step with what's allowed in the US and hinting at possible future changes for us. Read More >>

British Airways Will Use Google to Dig Up Dirt On You, Pre-Flight

While soaring high above the clouds sounds like a complete dream to many, taking the plane is not everyone's favourite past time, especially frequent fliers. And now those lucky individuals checking into business or first class with British Airways can expect a privacy invasion too. BA's rolled out its 'tailored' service where it'll actually google you to create a dossier on each of its passengers. Read More >>

Tracey Emin Helps Redesign BA's Airbus A319 as a Golden Dove For the Olympics

Thankfully Emin had enough decency not to lead "up and coming" designer Pascal Anson down her garden path, so the redesigned Airbus A319 hasn't got superglued condoms and the names of her past lovers etched onto its body, in the style of her My Bed artwork. The redesigned BA planes will be flying high during the London Olympics, presumably promoting peace and goodwill to all our feathered friends. Read More >>

BA Lining Up to Buy BMI For Strangle Hold Over Heathrow

Good old British Airways looks like it's about to swallow-up one of its smaller, loss-making rivals, BMI, giving BA pretty much total control of Heathrow. BA's parent company IAG has agreed to buy BMI off Lufthansa for around £300 million. Read More >>


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