26 Stunning Cartoon Backdrops That Deserve To Be Hung on a Wall

Have you ever found yourself watching a cartoon and noticing the illustrations behind the characters? Those backgrounds can often be prettier than the action in the foreground. If only those pesky mice and long-nosed boys would get out of the way! If so, the upcoming Beverly Hills Animation Art Signature Auction is for you. Read More >>

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If Your Phone's Screen Shatters, This Is the Best Background You Can Possibly Use

The Onion joked about people getting phones with shattered screens but, if my screen breaks, I will set this background and keep using it until I bleed to death through my fingers. So cool. [Imgur via Reddit] Read More >>

The Most Amazing and Stunning Highest Resolution Image of Earth Ever

NASA has released a new Blue Marble image, showing the United States of America. According to them, it's the most amazing, highest resolution image of Earth ever. Blue Marble 2012 bests the 2010 edition and the original one. Read More >>

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This Beautiful Red Plume Is Your Next Desktop Background. But What Is it?

Is it a wonderful new Christmas decoration come too late? Blood plunging into a pool of bath water? Or has someone just dropped the ketchup in the sink? Read More >>


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