Reusable Airbag Backpack Helps Keep You Alive in an Avalanche (Or Two)

Compared to car airbags that need to inflate immediately, the airbags that skiers wear to avoid being buried in an avalanche don't necessarily need to inflate as fast. So Black Diamond's new JetForce backpack uses a fan instead of compressed air which means not only can you try it out beforehand, it's also cheap and easy to reset. Read More >>

When the Storm Clears Up This Raincoat Transforms Into a Backpack

The Scouts advocate always being prepared, and that motto is a lot easier to put into practice with this transforming waterproof jacket from Vamoose. When it's pouring it keeps you dry and protected from the rain, but when the storm passes the jacket transforms into a lightweight backpack so it's easy to carry in case inclement weather returns. Read More >>

Pump Up This Pressurised Hydration Pack So You Never Have To Suck

The most important thing you can pack for a long outdoor trek is water, which is why hydration packs are an ideal accessory. But trying to suck water through a long hose when you're exhausted, well, sucks. So Geigerrig is releasing a new pressurised hydration pack that's like having a Super Soaker strapped to your back. Read More >>

Skip the Backpack With This Toasty Gear-Toting Vest

When you're swooshing through the fresh powder in your secret backcounty ski spot, the last thing you want is a heavy pack strapped to your back. But you also don't want to venture into the wilderness without the proper supplies. So the next time you hit the distant slopes, consider Dakine's capacious new BC Vest as an alternative to your backpack. Read More >>

Puma X MiharaYasuhiro Utility Bag

Everybody needs a good looking black bag. And this fresh one from Puma and MiharaYasuhiro does double duty -- it's a messenger, but if you want to change it up, it's also a backpack. Read More >>

Google Street View Staff Lugging Backpack of Shame Around US National Parks

The good things about working for Google include stuff like being able to sit there on the internet all day and say it's genuinely for work, but the bad? How about having to wear a bright blue and green backpack and walk around in public? Read More >>

This Tiny Air Mattress Will Replace Your Backpack's Heavy Frame

If you've ever done any serious trekking with a heavy pack strapped to your back, you'll know that a sturdy frame can help better distribute the weight over your body. But it's a Catch-22 since the frame adds weight as well—unless it's mostly made of air like Klymit's new inflatable Air Beam. Read More >>

This Backpack Lets You Climb Up Any Wall

The military wants to be able to send soldiers up and over high walls, and sometimes grappling hooks aren't practical. What to do? Oh, I dunno, how about a vacuum backpack with suction gloves that'll let you climb up brick, glass, or pretty much whatever? Yep, that'll work. Read More >>

Backpack Flash Turns You Into a One-Person Photography Studio

It's hard for clients to understand why photographers charge so much for photos. So if you find yourself in the same situation as Ian Spanier—who was hired for a shoot with no money for an assistant—you too can build this impressive looking backpack studio flash rig. Read More >>

You'll Always Have an Emergency Hood While Wearing This Backpack

You probably won't always remember to bring an umbrella when the weather is gloomy, but as long you're wearing this Puma Urban Mobility Backpack from designer Hussein Chalayan, you'll always have a quick way to keep your head dry. Read More >>

Can a Backpack Be Chic?

When Eric Rothenhaus landed a gig as director of design at Jansport five years ago, he wanted to make an impression. He would do it by re-creating, down to the seat-belt straps, the very first JanSport backpack (and the first-ever backpack with a zip) introduced in 1969. Read More >>

Recycled Air Bag Backpacks Save the Environment, Not Lives

After an airbag deploys it's not like you can just cram it back into your steering wheel and carry on. They have to be cut out and replaced, which gives MariClaRo the materials it uses to create this lovely backpack. Read More >>

This £80 Plastic Bag Is a Jony Ive Wet Dream

The Minimalist backpack. Super strong, super light, super compact, and waterproof. It's made of nonwoven Dyneema which is 10x stronger than steel. Cool materials, but it's a £80 plastic bag! Uncomfortable enough that it should be recycled. In hell. [Outlier] Read More >>


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