Western Digital Crams Two-Disk RAID Into Portable Thunderbolt Drive

The new MyPassport Pro from Western Digital is the world's first bus-powered portable hard drive to offer two disks with RAID capability for blazing fast, grab-and-go storage. Read More >>

Where do You Actually Store all Your Online Stuff?

With Google dropping the cost for its Drive service to just £6 a month for an absurdly mammoth 1TB of storage, it's a great time to think: "Wow, well I maybe I should cram all my digital crap into the same place for simplicity!" But it's never that easy. Read More >>

lightning review
LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt Review: The Best Thunderbolt Hard Drive

If your computer has a Thunderbolt drive, odds are it's been pretty neglected. Some external storage options are good, but nothing is a no-brainer. Until now, that is. LaCie's vivid orange drive is the best way to back up files, superfast. Read More >>

Sony Still Hasn't Learnt: It's Busted Out Yet Another Proprietary Optical Disc Format

Sony’s in trouble; it’s TV business hasn’t made a profit in eight-straight-years and its predicting the biggest loss in the company’s history. It’s even swapped out its CEO and is attempting to shrink its ranges and rejuvenate the company. So why the hell is it releasing yet another bloody proprietary optical disc format? Read More >>


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