Doing It Wrong: The Xbox One and PS4 Aren't the Consoles We Need

As E3 closes up shop for the year, we finally have a moment to reflect on a week of gorging ourselves on news about the continuing console war between Microsoft and Sony (and, uh, Nintendo). It's all very new and exciting news about the next half-decade of gaming, but in a lot of ways, it feels like the same old fight we've been having for decades now. It's time for something new. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Play Old PS3 Games, But Only Streamed From the Cloud

Looks like the reports that the PS4 won't be backwards compatible with PS3 games is only half true. According to the WSJ, you won't be able to stick your old discs in, but the PS4 will be able to stream old PS3 games instead, like a PlayStation-only OnLive. Read More >>


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