Bacon Was the First Thing Ever Eaten on the Moon

Setting foot on the moon for the first time was perhaps one of the biggest technological, scientific and political achievements of our age. So what better way to celebrate, after exploring that new lunar landscape, than with bacon? Read More >>

Bacon Alarm iPhone Adaptor Wants to Wake You With the Smell of Meat

A US meat-packer is running a contest in which users can win a bacon-smell adaptor for iPhone, with the device supposedly able to pair with an alarm app to wake users with the smell of cooking meat. It'll be like still living with your mum or in a flat above a cafe. Read More >>

Seven Things You Had No Idea the World is Running Out Of

Hardly a day goes by that we're not told about the unsustainable pressure we're putting on our natural resources. And while it prompts visions of oil, fresh water, and coal, you'd be surprised at how many of our creature comfort commodities are dwindling just as quickly. Read More >>

You Can Buy Bacon Deodorant

The bacon-everything craze has mostly passed, thankfully, and things seem to be getting back to normal. The constant barrage of bacon Band-Aids and bacon office supplies is over. Bacon personal care products are apparently another story, though. Read More >>

Enjoy a Meat Facial With Bacon Shaving Cream

You eyes do not deceive you, although your nose might get a bit confused by what the hell is going on. It's Bacon Shaving Cream, a grooming product for men who enjoy a lingering meaty residue. Read More >>

Do You Reckon These Bacon Condoms Are an Early April Fool's?

With the first of next month just round the corner, it's quite possible that these bacon condoms are nothing but a joke. In fact, I dearly hope that they're a joke, because the alternative -- a condom that 'makes your meat look like meat' really existing is terryifying and undoubtedly signals the end of civilisation as we know it. Read More >>

Bacon-Scented Shaving Cream Is a Work of Pure Genius

What's better than bacon in the morning? Nothing, that's what. But when you just don't have time for breakfast? Bacon-scented shaving cream of course. Slather the rich bacon lather on your chops and you'll be 'smelling and feeling like a champion' in no time. Read More >>

The World Is Running Out of Bacon

Doom-mongers and, err, analysts, down at the National Pig Association (yes, that's a real organisation), have warned us of an imminent threat to the global pork supply, one of the most delicious consumed meats in the world. But how could the bacon run dry, and why? Read More >>

Bacon Will Fix Any and All Your Problems, Probably

Bacon will apparently kill you, but not if you just rub it on things. That's sure to fix all your woes -- the Bacon Bot never lies. Read More >>

Burger King Introduces the BACON PUDDING

It is hard to believe this exists, but then again this has come from America, home of the idiot food. It is Burger King's latest innovation in the land of the bulging elasticated waistband, a pudding with bacon in it. Read More >>

If You Order 1,050 Slices of Bacon, Burger King Will Comply

You don't have to be a doctor to know that eating hundreds of strips of bacon at a time can't possibly be good for your health. A reporter for Japan's Rocket News 24 obviously didn't get that memo. Because he ordered a burger from Burger King with 1,050 slices on top. Read More >>

ipad apps
The Better Bacon Book: Bacon on Bacon on Bacon on iPad

OpenAirPub consistently puts out the best and most useful cookbooks for the iPad. First they had Speakeasy Cocktails which taught you how to make a drink, then Food52, which was a serious survival guide for holiday cooking and now they done one upped themselves with... bacon. Yes, a cookbook about makin', cravin' and tastin' bacon. Read More >>

Stop What You're Doing and Start Salivating Over This Bacon Milkshake

Americanese fast food outlet Jack in the Box has some crap-your-pants good news that'll make today feel like your birthday: they're going to be selling bacon milkshakes. YES. What's even awesomer: vegetarians, Muslims and Jews can drink it too! Read More >>

Shove a Bacon Tampon Up Your Nose and It Will Stop Bleeding

From the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology comes news that fashioning a strip of cured pork into a nasal tampon will help prevent nosebleeds for those suffering from chronic episodes. More specifically, it was used in the "treatment of [a] life-threatening hemorrhage." Read More >>

Microsoft Is Trying to Poach Amazon and Google Employees By Giving Out Free Bacon

Microsoft is trying to hire new employees by luring them with god's greatest creation, the devil's most delicious treat and man's greatest love: bacon. They've set up a bacon cart (!) outside of Amazon's offices and will give away free bacon to everyone. EAT BACON, WORK MICROSOFT. Read More >>


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