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10 Steps to Getting Away With Committing Murder

This is weird. One of those pages that use horrible graphical lists to get traffic and Google juice posted an image called 10 ways to cover up a murder. It's disturbingly interesting—especially if you're a psychopath looking to commit a murder. Read More >>

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The Lost History of Coca-Cola's Biggest Failure

The Breakmate was supposed to revolutionise the consumption of carbonated drinks on par with the advent of the soda fountain and soda bottles, and bring delicious sugary soft drinks to millions of disenfranchised office workers. So why did Coca-Cola's foray into small-scale commercial vending during the 1980s flop so miserably? Read More >>

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Scarlett Johansson Chooses SodaStream Over Humanitarian Group

Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream endorsement just came at a price; she's been ousted as an Oxfam International ambassador, with a spokesman citing "a fundamental difference of opinion" as her reason for stepping down (read: fired) from the international humanitarian organisation. Read More >>

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70-Year-Old Charles Saatchi Claims Secret Cage Fighting Prowess

We already know he's got a pretty good wrestling choke slam, but it would appear that Charles Saatchi is ready for a proper bout of UFC-style rampage. Boasting of a Fight Club-like secret life as an underground warrior, Saatchi claims he enjoys a good cage fight with the loser usually ending up "battered to bits" -- and he wants a fight. Read More >>

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Man Risks Death and Legs in Budgie Cage Shark Swim Stunt

A pair of Aussie brothers were filming joke video clips to whack on the internet, with their latest idea being one where a bloke replaced a shark cage with a budgie cage and jumped into the sea. Problem was, there was a big shark there. And it went for him. Read More >>

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Japan to Intentionally Send Nuclear Fuel Rod Into Meltdown

Japan's Atomic Energy Agency will, at some point after this coming April, deliberately send a nuclear fuel rod into a full-blown meltdown. What could possibly go wrong? Read More >>

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Nelson Mandela Memorial's Sign Language Interpreter Was Making it Up as He Went Along

Nelson Mandela's memorial service, held yesterday, has been met with a mixed reception, with criticism being levelled against everything from the political posturing of the speakers to that selfie. Some of the tributes however, particularly President Obama's, were genuinely moving. But if you were deaf you wouldn't know that -- the sign language interpreter was just winging it. Read More >>

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Don't Build This DIY Fireball Machine (Unless You're Super Awesome)

Here's a how-to video you probably shouldn't follow, teaching you how to build a do-it-yourself explosion maker you probably shouldn't make, so you can make simulated action movie fireballs in your backyard. Which you probably shouldn't do. Read More >>

A Fake Slum for Luxury Tourists Who Don't Want to See Real Poverty

It's estimated that one in eight people worldwide live in so-called slums, which, in some cities, makes visiting these informally maintained neighborhoods unavoidable. Although controversial, the practice of "slum tourism" has become a popular way for tourists to engage with poverty on a personal level. But why go visit an actual slum when you can simply stay at a luxury resort that looks like a slum? Read More >>

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A 30ft Stage Dive is Good for VH1 Storytellers, Bad For the Fans

Having been in bands at various points in my life, I know it's tough to get people to take notice. No matter how good your songs are, how snappy your between-song banter, how shiny your Chelsea boots, you're always just one singer or band on an endless conveyor belt of singers and bands. It's tempting to try to do something crazy, something memorable. And some times that crazy, memorable thing is crazily dangerous, and memorably dumb. Read More >>

These Guys Tried to Pass Off Melting Blocks of Ice as £2,500 Worth of iPads

Committing insurance fraud, mail or otherwise, is universally a fairly dumb thing to do, especially when your plan is literally designed to fail. Like say, that of 29 year old Nathan Meunch should have known. Because if you're trying to pass off a soggy, dripping cardboard box stuffed with ice as a £2,500 stack of iPads, chances are you're getting caught. Read More >>

Idiot Thief Robs CCTV Company and Is Immediately Caught With CCTV Footage

A life of small-time crime is difficult enough as it is; the pay's not great, the cops are on your case, your conscience flares up. But one particularly dim bulb in Somerset, England made things even harder on himself by robbing a man who installs IT cameras for a living. Whoops! Read More >>

Drunk Idiot Dangles Upside Down from Power Cables

In the list of things you probably should never experience in your life, even if you're sozzled to oblivion, dangling upside down from an active power cable is probably near the top. This very, very drunk man, however, obviously thinks differently. He climbed up a pole and hung upside down a high-voltage power cable for 15 minutes. Luckily for him (unluckily for human intelligence) he managed to survive without any major injuries. Read More >>

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Holy Crap, A Woman Almost Got Run Over By a Train Because She Was Trying to Pick Up Her Phone from the Tracks

Holy freaking smokes, almost getting hit by a train doesn't get closer than this. A young woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil had apparently dropped her phone onto the tube tracks and foolishly jumped down to retrieve it. Couple of problems with this situation: she couldn't get back on the platform, the train was coming into the station fast AND SHE PROBABLY WOULD'VE DIED. Miraculously, two guys managed to pull her out right before she would've gotten hit. It's terrifyingly close. Read More >>

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There Is Blatant Racist and Sexist Language Hiding in Open Source Code

GitHub is an exceptionally popular open-source community where any developer can find code for pretty much anything. But there's a problem — some of that code contains extremely offensive racist, sexist, and homophobic, language. Read More >>

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This Is Why You Don't Donate Sperm on Craigslist

If you've ever considered selling some or your swimmers on Craigslist for a little extra scratch, you might want to give it a little more thought. William Marotta, who did just that, wound up having to pay child support for his biological child, despite having signed away all rights to the little guys and any humans that might get made from them. Read More >>


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