What Famous Ads Would Look Like Today

It's funny how fondly we look back at classic ads—print, commercials, anything—compared to how we react to ads today. That Apple 1984 commercial? Perfection. Those old VW Bug print ads? Soooo cute! Today? Ew banner ads. Ugh Flash. ZOMG what happened to my ad block!? There's no room for art in advertising anymore because we've all been conditioned to ignore the pixels dedicated to advertisements. Or from another perspective, ads are so tainted because they're all plastered with social media links that we can't take them seriously any more. Read More >>

This Was the First Banner Ad on the Internet

Here's the grandaddy that spawned the thing you guys like least on the Internet: ads. This artsy, graffiti'd print on a black background telling you to click "right here" is supposedly the first banner ad to ever appear on the Internet. It popped up nearly 20 years ago in 1994 and was an ad for an American network. Read More >>

Wonderbra Built a Free App That Lets You Strip a Model Down to Her Skivvies

Sex sells. Blah, blah, blah. Wonderbra's lingerie x-ray vision app masquerading as an ad campaign is pretty incredible. Read More >>

Did Motorola Fake an Address to Make Apple Maps Look Even Worse Than It Is?

Everybody — or well, almost everybody — knows that Apple Maps is inferior to Google Maps. There are countless examples of Apple Maps being worse! Motorola, however, ignored all the real examples and used a fake address to show off how Google Maps is better than Apple Maps. Huh? Read More >>

Toshiba Would Like to Sell You These Boobs Gadgets

Hello there, shopper! You seem like the type who would be interested in some breaststablets. Can we interest you in our latest Windows 8 breasts tablet, with the revolutionary Breasto Metro UI? It feels great in a sultry paid actress's crotch the hand, and we think the message that women, yoga, anything to do with Asian culture, and basically everything not nailed down or on fire is for undersexed manchildren to rutt with security and usability can come together to make great products is an important one. Read More >>

Sexy Women with QR Codes on Their Butts Is Awful Awful Awful

QR Codes, those impractical little squares that deliver information through a phone's camera, have seen their fair share of bad ideas. But this explosion of tackyness seems especially dumb and horrible and gross and UGH. Read More >>


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