BAE's Taranis Combat Drone Now Flying Above the UK

The MoD and BAE Systems have revealed that the Taranis unmanned combat vehicle was undergoing secret test flights in the UK last year, with the drone carrying out several flights in our airspace -- some lasting for as long as one hour. Read More >>

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This Is How Massive Our New Aircraft Carrier Really Is

Our brand new aircraft carrier is coming along nicely, with the HMS Queen Elizabeth due for launch in 2014. Now that the two halves have been put together for the first time we get a real feeling for just how huge (280m in length) this beast is going to be. It'll be taller than Nelson's Column for goodness sake. Read More >>

What's it Actually Like to Be a Test Pilot?

It's one of those jobs that should get the girls swooning and the guys hopelessly over-compensating; but is being a test pilot the glamourous danger-fest it's cracked up to be? We sat down with BAE System's Chief Military Test Pilot, Mark Bowman, to find out. Read More >>

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Take a Stroll Through a Military Fighter-Systems Factory

We recently had the chance to visit BAE Systems' facility at Rochester, where all the electronic bits and bobs for basically every British (and some American) combat aircraft get made. Although we've got some exciting stuff with Terminator helmets and horrifically expensive flight simulators in the works, we thought we'd kick off with a tour of the factory, where all the top-secret stuff is actually built. Read More >>

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An Epic Simulator is How You Get Ready to Launch a Supercarrier

When the Queen Elizabeth carriers come into service next decade, they're going to be the biggest, most expensive things the Royal Navy's ever owned. Given that they've got a track record of crashing their shiny new toys, however, the jolly sailor-boys have ditched their stripy uniforms and Mariah Carey covers for a state-of-the-art simulator to  learn how to sail and fight the new behemoths. Read More >>

What Does the 2013 Budget Mean for Tech, Science and Booze?

Blah blah deficit debt cuts reform monetary policy gah. Words. Very important words though -- our new Twitter-friend George's budget determines what the government spends and where for the next year. That has a huge impact on technology, science, and almost everything we care about. Read More >>

New British Warship Radar Can Detect a Tennis Ball 15 Miles Away

And not just a tennis ball from 15 miles away, but a tennis ball 15 miles away and moving at three times the speed of sound. That's the sort of sensitivity the poor old radar operators on HMS Iron Duke will have to work with when it returns to service next year. Read More >>

Britain's Supersonic Robot Stealth Fighter Will Finally Take to the Air This Year

It's been a long time coming, but Britain should finally claim the crown of Country With The Creepiest/Most Badass UAV this year. Yeah, we've had a prototype robotic UAV bomber lying around in the shed for a while now, but it doesn't actually count until it's flown. Read More >>

Europe's Sneaky New Drone Beat Us Into the Skies

Did you hear a strange noise passing overhead last weekend? Maybe glimpse a UFO? If so, no need to don a tinfoil hat quite yet -- Saturday evening saw the first flight of a stealth drone in Europe (but sadly it wasn't made in Britain). Read More >>

The British Olympic Team Is Using BAE-Tested Laser Pistols

BAE Systems, our defence contractor responsible for all sorts of awesome weaponry and the odd drone, is helping the British modern pentathletes using military-based equipment to hone their fancy new laser pistols. You've got to make sure you're blasting straight if you're going to win, right? Read More >>

First Ever British-Born Drone "Mantis" Takes to UK Skies

British pride has been in full swing this year, with the Queen's Jubilee spearheading the way, alongside the upcoming Olympics and other various sporting events. Each of these spectacles has enabled us to get behind our country and be proud of our nation. Here's something else to be proud of too (or scared), as BAE Systems has revealed that its brand new Mantis UAS Concept Demonstrator drone is about to be trialled in UK airspace for the very first time. Read More >>

Future Drones Will Autonomously Navigate the Skies Without GPS

Military drones rely heavily on GPS for navigation guidance while in the air. But in areas where a signal can't be found, or where someone is using a GPS jammer, a drone will find itself in a troublesome predicament. Military sub-contractor BAE Systems has come up with a solution to that problem: A positioning system called NAVSOP that uses any wireless signal to find its location. Read More >>

The Military's Shipwrecking Railgun Just Got Really Real

It fires a 18kg metal slug up to 5,600 miles per hour from New York to Philadelphia, slamming into its target with 32 times the force of a "1-ton car being thrust at 100 mph." Railguns aren't sci-fi anymore. Read More >>


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