Watch a Master of Leather Give a Lesson in Counterfeiting

If you're looking to get into the knockoff leather game, there could be pools of cold, hard cash in your future just waiting for you to go diving on in. All it takes is a little half-assery, a more-than-questionable moral compass, and the knowledge of where to actually cut those corners—which can be harder than it seems. Fortunately for you, Saddleback Leather CEO David Munson is here to show you how to fake his bags the right way—tongue, of course, planted firmly in cheek. Read More >>

Unfold This Briefcase and Keep Fellow Flyers From Watching You Work

The laptop has made it possible for us to work almost anywhere on earth; from the cramped quarters of a plane seat, to a relaxing beach. But away from the privacy of your office, you often want to keep prying eyes off your screen, which is why this No. 1 leather laptop bag from La Fonction is so brilliant. It transforms into a tiny mobile cubicle, letting you work with adequate privacy no matter where you set up your temporary office. Read More >>

When the Storm Clears Up This Raincoat Transforms Into a Backpack

The Scouts advocate always being prepared, and that motto is a lot easier to put into practice with this transforming waterproof jacket from Vamoose. When it's pouring it keeps you dry and protected from the rain, but when the storm passes the jacket transforms into a lightweight backpack so it's easy to carry in case inclement weather returns. Read More >>

This Is the Best Looking Reusable Shopping Sack You've Ever Seen

Storage, storage, storage. You can never have enough storage. Especially versatile, multipurpose storage, like the Pia canvas carryall. It doesn't scream the name of some supermarket and it has a nice design. Read More >>

BA Trialling Reusable Electronic Luggage Tags

Creative agency Designworks has designed and built this all-digital modern version of the luggage tag at the request of British Airways, which will be testing the system out later this month. Read More >>

Parachute Bag Collapses With a Tug of Its Ripcord

Collapsing the average reusable bag into its compact form is more challenging than most MENSA puzzles. So save yourself the frustration with Michael Pappas' brilliant Chute bag that automatically collapses as you yank on its built-in ripcord—like a bizarro world parachute. Read More >>

This Insulated Blanket Keeps Your Beer Cozy and Cold

Your typical white Eskimo cooler is a cheap way to keep drinks cold and food warm or cold, but it's not very flexible. And its boxy shape is downright awkward when compared to the Wunder Bundler — an insulated blanket that can wrap up anything from a six-pack of beer to a stack of Chinese takeout containers. Read More >>

star wars
Is a Chewbacca Satchel the Best Thing Lucasfilm Has Ever Licensed?

Out of the way Chewbacca hoodie and every single pointy object that's ever been designed to look like a lightsaber. This officially licensed Chewbacca messenger bag is the best thing Lucasfilm has ever approved since The Empire Strikes Back. Read More >>

This Tiny Air Mattress Will Replace Your Backpack's Heavy Frame

If you've ever done any serious trekking with a heavy pack strapped to your back, you'll know that a sturdy frame can help better distribute the weight over your body. But it's a Catch-22 since the frame adds weight as well—unless it's mostly made of air like Klymit's new inflatable Air Beam. Read More >>

This Bag Uses Medieval Technology To Protect Your Laptop From Thieves

You might think you're fooling thieves by choosing a colourful laptop bag that doesn't look the part, but the added weight makes it really obvious you're carrying precious cargo. So the React Messenger Bag from Travelon adds several layers of extra security, including the use of medieval chainmail. Read More >>

You'll Always Have an Emergency Hood While Wearing This Backpack

You probably won't always remember to bring an umbrella when the weather is gloomy, but as long you're wearing this Puma Urban Mobility Backpack from designer Hussein Chalayan, you'll always have a quick way to keep your head dry. Read More >>

I'm Totally Putting My Face On This Tricked Out Bag

Look, I'm a bag junkie. I have far too many. I'm into messenger bags the way some people are into sneakers. I carry one everywhere I go, and I love having ones that stand out. Read More >>

Can a Backpack Be Chic?

When Eric Rothenhaus landed a gig as director of design at Jansport five years ago, he wanted to make an impression. He would do it by re-creating, down to the seat-belt straps, the very first JanSport backpack (and the first-ever backpack with a zip) introduced in 1969. Read More >>

Recycled Air Bag Backpacks Save the Environment, Not Lives

After an airbag deploys it's not like you can just cram it back into your steering wheel and carry on. They have to be cut out and replaced, which gives MariClaRo the materials it uses to create this lovely backpack. Read More >>

watch this
Where Does My Bag Go When I Check-In For a Flight?

Ever wondered how your bag gets from check-in to the plane and then back out to baggage claim as you jet around the world? Watch this awesome video of a bag checking in at Atlanta, shooting round the conveyors, getting hurled about, hopping aboard a plane and landing ready-for-collection in New York. Read More >>

Crinkle Your Way Through the Great Outdoors with These High-Tech Backsacks

Backpacks have an inherent trade-off — the larger they are, the more they can carry. Corollary: the bigger the bag, the more it weighs. The new Quasar line from Terra Nova Equipment is both strong and light — they use the same material as yacht sails. Read More >>


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