An Unsettling Reminder to Water Your Plants

Keeping flowers or plants in your house is supposed to make things more beautiful, not chaotic. But this vase is only balanced when the flowers have water. If too much liquid evaporates, the counter-weight pulls one side of the vase down. Read More >>

BlackBerry's Best Trick: Nailing Work-Life Balance

Last night BlackBerry demoed what it's calling BlackBerry Balance, a clever way of separating one's personal and work lives in one device. You don't see it as much these days but carrying two phones — one for business, one for pleasure — was commonplace not too long ago. I remember having a BlackBerry 6200 alongside my Sidekick 2; and I'm sure a lot of you remember those days as well. Read More >>

Volkswagen Gives Staff a Break, Deactivates BBM for the Evenings

Some of Volkswagen's staff in Germany are now forced to take things a little easier in the evenings, with the company switching off its email servers 30 minutes before home time so they can eat dinner in peace. Read More >>


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