Europol Warns Users to Stop Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots for Sensitive Tasks

The pure joy of connecting a working and fully free hotspot could be leaving you open to attack, according to advice from Europol's cybercrime chief, who suggests steering clear of both secure and insecure public Wi-Fi unless you want hackers stealing your identity, data and dignity. Read More >>

Visa is Exploring Biometric Payment Systems

Apple's iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner, and now Samsung's revealed a print-reading Galaxy S5. Each allows for payments to be verified using a swipe of your digits. Is this the possible future of all transactions? Perhaps, and Visa is now exploring the area too to ensure it will be ready for the possible sea-change. Read More >>

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There's a 'Deep Cold Storage' Vault for Bitcoin

Some enterprising minds and one of the world's biggest insurance markets is opening a pretty futuristic bank vault in London. But it's not futuristic for having fancy locks or laser trip wires. It's futuristic because of what's inside: Bitcoin. Read More >>

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Which Bank Should You Switch Allegiance To?

If ever there was a good time to start banking with somebody else, it's now. New government-enforced rules mean that banks have to transfer your banking within seven days, including handling the transfer of your current accounts, direct debits and standing orders. Any inconvenience will also be compensated for, so there really is no excuse if you're dissatisfied with the people currently in charge of looking after your hard-earned money. Read More >>

Britain's New Bank is Already Having IT Fails

You may have heard that some five million people who previously banked with Lloyd's have been forcibly transferred to a new spin-off, TSB. To ease the pain, customers were promised a 'seamless' transition -- which is funny, because on the very first morning, the bank's internet services were borked. Read More >>

New Local Banking Crisis Triggered by IT Man Forgetting to Renew Domain

It seems that good old human forgetfulness is just as likely to take out the UK's banking infrastructure as today's high-profile hacking attempts, thanks to Cydesdale and Yorkshire banks losing connectivity for a few days after their owner forgot to renew a critical domain name in time. Read More >>

Bank Clerk Managed to Accidentally Transfer €222,222,222.22 In His Sleep

Allegedly, a bank clerk in Germany was so zonked he passed out at his desk with his finger on the 2 key, which caused him to accidentally transfer 222 million euros between some random accounts, when he was meant to be moving fifty quid. The kicker? His supervisor didn't see anything wrong with it. Read More >>

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Gradually the trees became fewer, smaller and less important. By the time the last fruit-bearing adult palm tree was cut, palms had long since ceased to be of economic significance -- this was the end of Easter Island as explained by Jared Diamond, the scientist and author while highlighting a creeping normalcy in the region. The palm trees were essential to the island's economy but they were ignorantly debased by the island's people. Mark Twain once pointed out, history does not repeat itself but it does rhyme, and today the rhythm can be felt on a much bigger island kingdom with trees that scrape the skies. Read More >>

£100 in Cold Hard Cash Is Your "I Love Free Money" Deal of the Day

Okay, we're not going to beat around the bush -- today we're shoving you in the direction of a hundred quid, free of charge and in exchange for you having to do very little. Read More >>

Are We All Going to Have to Start Paying For Our Bank Accounts?

The EU has tabled a few draft proposals designed to force banks to be clearer on their charges and make comparing fees easier, which could bring about the long-heralded end of mostly "free" banking in the UK. Read More >>

One Day Your Credit Card Will Recognize Your Signature

A signature-based security approach is only effective if a cashier actually double checks what's scrawled across the back of a credit card. And even then, there's still plenty of opportunity for fraud since minimum wage clerks usually aren't capable of spotting a forged signature—but one day your credit card might be. Read More >>

Natwest and RBS Were Apparently Borked Yet Again Last Night

I'm not sure why, but Natwest and RBS aren't exactly doing a stand-up job of, well, standing up. Both banks had their cards, cash machines, online, and phone banking go tits-up last night. Apparently loads of people had their cards swallowed by ATMs and everything, but did you even notice? Read More >>

NatWest Pulls Its "Get Cash" Cardless Cash Machine App Over Hacking Fears

One step forward, two steps back. NatWest has, seemingly, had to pull its app that allowed you to get cash out of a cash machine without needing a debit card. It seems fraudsters could hijack the app and rinse people's bank accounts for cash without them knowing a thing about it. Read More >>

Natwest Outage Strikes Again, While Nationwide Also Has "Issues"

Oh dear, it looks like it's really not a good time to be a Natwest or Nationwide customer. After the debacle Natwest had last month, its debit cards and online banking are borked again, while Nationwide saw over 700,000 people hit with bank account-emptying duplicate payments. Read More >>

Woman From Newcastle Shows Us Why Having a Bank Name as Your Twitter is Just a Bad Idea

When you're thinking up a Twitter name for yourself, it's probably best not to pick a company name. It's not because said company will come after you, but it's users might when things go tits up. Read More >>

Failed Automated Software Caused RBS/Natwest Banking System Crash

The complete crash of RBS and Natwest's payment system for four days last week was caused by a glitch in an automated batch processing tool, which is a rather mundane explanation for the banks' complete failure to register payments last week. Read More >>


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