ATM Hackers Have Figured Out How to Withdraw Unlimited Amounts of Cash

Federal regulators just alerted banks across the USA of a very dangerous new skill ATM hackers have picked up. They can trick ATMs into spitting out unlimited amounts of cash, regardless of the customer's balance. Not only that, but also schedule the illicit withdrawals for holidays and weekends, when the ATMs are extra flush. Read More >>

Man Wins 16-Year Battle to Prove a Point Over Laptop Credit Agreement

A long-running battle between Richard Durkin and PC World has finally been resolved, with the electronics chain agreeing to pay £8,000 in compensation over a credit agreement that turned bad. Shame it cost Durkin around £250,000 in legal fees, though. Read More >>

Nasty Nick Griffin Declared Bankrupt, But Can Continue Being an MEP

The UK's figurehead for mainstream racism has been declared bankrupt, with a magistrate court in Welshpool putting the order in place after BNP leader Griffin failed to pay some large solicitor debts. Read More >>

Crooks Have Been Hacking ATMs With Infected USB Sticks

Criminals will go to all lengths to cheat an ATM out of its cash. But now, a team of researchers has discovered that skimmers may be a thing of the past: crooks have been targeting cash machines directly using infected USB sticks instead. Read More >>

European Bank Warns Against Betting the Farm or Pension on Bitcoin

The European Banking Authority has advised cautious investors to avoid the new wave of virtual currencies, with the key issue being the lack of regulatory backup should the likes of Bitcoin and those who run it just.... decide to stop bothering. Read More >>

Plastic English Bank Notes are Go For 2016

The Bank of England's done with its consultation on the merits of plastic or polymer bank notes, revealing that it is indeed going ahead with the scheme and that the new Sir Winston Churchill fiver will be the first non-paper notes for England. Read More >>

We're Doomed to be Poorer Than Our Parents

Those of us born in the 1960s and 1970s look like being the first generation since the war to have a worse time of it financially than our parents, thanks to spiralling house prices, crappier pension deals and less opportunity to save money for our futures. Read More >>

"Greed is Good" Guffaws Fat/Wealthy London Mayor

As you might expect, influential posho Boris Johnson is totally on the side of London's banking industry, suggesting the UK's about to enjoy a 1980s-style boom and that the city's greed should be considered a "valid motivator" that helps drive economic progress. Read More >>

Dog Walker Finds £60k Floating Down the River

A Lincolnshire man did the right thing when he spotted a mass of bank notes floating down the South Drove Drain in Spalding, calling the police to report it instead of ripping his clothes off and leaping in to grab as much as possible like he's in The Crystal Maze. Read More >>

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Which Bank Should You Switch Allegiance To?

If ever there was a good time to start banking with somebody else, it's now. New government-enforced rules mean that banks have to transfer your banking within seven days, including handling the transfer of your current accounts, direct debits and standing orders. Any inconvenience will also be compensated for, so there really is no excuse if you're dissatisfied with the people currently in charge of looking after your hard-earned money. Read More >>

Cyber-Thieves Use a £10 Device to Almost Steal Millions From a Bank

Normally, when you think cyber-bank-robbery, you think slightly nerdy guys holed up in a basement somewhere, with random wires coming out of every orifice and some guy in the background twittering about hacking the mainframe. But in this instance, simply installing a cheapo bit of hardware nearly netted theives millions from Santander. Read More >>

Bank of England Boss Flashes Plastic Bank Note Plan

The new boss of the Bank of England is considering introducing plastic or polymer bank notes to the UK, with the new notes featuring the same designs as the current paper versions but reduced in size a little to make them more pocketable. Read More >>

New Local Banking Crisis Triggered by IT Man Forgetting to Renew Domain

It seems that good old human forgetfulness is just as likely to take out the UK's banking infrastructure as today's high-profile hacking attempts, thanks to Cydesdale and Yorkshire banks losing connectivity for a few days after their owner forgot to renew a critical domain name in time. Read More >>

It's Easy to Hack Britain and We're Losing the E-War

A committee of MPs has taken a rather doom-laden stance on the UK's security position, claiming we're one of the world's top target for e-crime and we need to spend much, much more money on reporting and defending against it. Read More >>

Jane Austen Wins Battle to Represent Women on £10 Note

The growing public outrage over the lack of successful ladies from history on our bank notes is set to end, after the Bank of England announced plans to stick literary queen Jane Austen on the English tenner from around 2017. Read More >>

Are We All Going to Have to Start Paying For Our Bank Accounts?

The EU has tabled a few draft proposals designed to force banks to be clearer on their charges and make comparing fees easier, which could bring about the long-heralded end of mostly "free" banking in the UK. Read More >>


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