David Cameron's Serious Obama Call Gets the Twitter Parody Treatment

The mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia is serious business, and world leaders are understandably concerned as to what repercussions Russia's act of aggression in the region will lead to. Lengthy, serious phone calls will be had -- but do we really need a photo of a politician's "serious face" to highlight that? Read More >>

Obama's NSA Reforms Aren't as Sweeping as You'd Hoped

In a major speech this morning, President Obama scaled back the NSA's surveillance operations and redefines how we collect intelligence overseas. In brief, he ordered the end of the bulk telephony metadata program and spying on foreign leaders. Beyond that, though, the future remains murky. Read More >>

Obama Will Announce NSA Reforms on January 17

It's really happening folks. On January 17, Barack Obama will remark on "the outcomes of the work that has been done in the review process" for reforming the country's intelligence practices, Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday. Read More >>

The Syrian Electronic Army Says It's Hacked Obama's Twitter Account

In just latest of many head-turning exploits, the Syrian Electronic Army now says it's broken into Barack Obama's Twitter account and website. Indeed, the hacker organisation showed images of the website's backend and Obama campaign email accounts. Read More >>

The US Army's Cybersecurity Training Videos Are Embarrassing and Sad

For the past few years, the US government's been relentless about making the American people respect the importance of cybersecurity. Obama's given speeches, written newspaper columns, and issued executive orders to drive that point home. This is serious business! So why are the Army's own instructional videos so silly?
As Buzzfeed recently unearthed, the Army's Chief Information Officer is highlighting a series of comics and training videos designed to get soldiers thinking about very serious cybersecurity issues as part of Information Assurance/Cyber Security Awareness Week. The only problem is that the videos are embarrassingly goofy, at times arguably racist, and generally confusing. They also appear to be produced by a lesser version of the animation studio that made Waking Life. Read More >>

David Cameron Will Be the First Leader to Fly On Barack Obama's Air Force One Plane

Our Prime Minister must've been really banging on about the "Special Relationship" between the US and UK recently, as he's about to become the first non-US world leader to get a free ride aboard Air Force One with the President. Read More >>


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