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There Are 480GB-Worth Of Photos In This Epic Time Lapse Of Barcelona

There are tonnes of great city time lapses. When you combine beautiful, weird or iconic architecture with changing light at different times of day, and people speeding by you almost always get a winner. But its not easy to make these shorts. This time lapse of Barcelona, shot in the past few months from August to October, is made from 480GB of data. Geez. Read More >>

Giant Boner Space Hotel? No Thanks, Says Barcelona

Pop quiz: what does a country on the brink of economic collapse, with dozens of unfinished buildings dotting its countryside, really need? A monstrous, phallic space hotel, of course! Read More >>

This House Is Beyond Incredible

The X House is not the name of a popular rave venue, it's an awesome X-shaped home hanging off a cliff outside Barcelona. Read More >>

The BBC Is Planning Its Own Paid Download Service to Compete With iTunes

We heard rumours back in January that the BBC was thinking about making pay-per-view access to its back catalogue available through iPlayer. Now it seems the Beeb is looking to take things one step further with a download-to-own service, codenamed Barcelona, that'll see its entire library, new and old, available to buy from £1.89 a show. Read More >>


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