In the Shop of the Future, Buying Milk Will Be Effortless Yet Totally Creepy

Walk down pretty much any one of Britain’s High Streets, and the boarded-up shops paint their own bleak picture of an industry in recession. Managers will tell you how there’s no money left in bricks-and-mortar anymore; this is one business model well and truly disrupted. But Silicon Valley hasn’t destroyed physical retail; it’s just changing it beyond all recognition. Read More >>

30 Second Chit Chat Replaces PINs and Passwords at One Barclays Division

An introductory chat about the weather and last night's TV may soon be enough to get you through your bank's telephone security system, with Barclays successfully testing a voice recognition tool that authenticates users by analysing their speech patterns. Read More >>

Barclaycard Launches DIY Mobile NFC Sticker

The futuristic dream of NFC payments looks a bit tatty today, after Barclays' credit card division revealed its latest high-tech solution for contactless payments -- a sticker. Read More >>

Barclays Pingit Now Works With Your Cheltenham & Gloucester Savings Account Too

Pingit, the Barclays app that lets bankers and normal people send money to each other with their phones, has been opened up to support all the other kinds of bank. Read More >>

Paranoid Contactless Card Users Advised to Put Tin Foil in Their Wallets

The unbelievable Barclays Visa NFC bank card hack has been found to work on cards provided by other UK banks, which lets Barclays off the hook a little, but also now implicates Lloyds TSB and possibly other banks in the incredible contactless card security loophole. Read More >>

Barclays Debit Cards Details Can Be Nicked With an NFC Mobile Bump

Barclays may have to recall a staggering 13 million credit and debit cards, after vulnerabilities were found in its contactless payment system which allowed an NFC-enabled phone to steal card details with a simple bump. Read More >>

Barclays Launches Money-Texting App Pingit

Barclays has launched cross-platform smartphone app Barclays Pingit, which lets BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users transfer money to each other not by the modern NFC system, but by good, old-fashioned text messaging. Read More >>


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