Can a Pair of Socks Really Make a Difference in Athletic Performance?

A pair of socks is a pair of socks is a pair of socks. Right? Not anymore. Even a pair of socks have technology that can improve athletic performance now. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Photobomb

I love this image. Two kids playing basketball while NASA's space shuttle Endeavour peeks from a corner on the background. It's like, "Sup boys? No interest in f*cking science or what?" Read More >>

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Nike's 'Live' Frozen Moment Installation on Venice Beach is Absolutely Awesome

Nike's Jordan footwear range has given birth to the new CP3.IV shoe, celebrating its release with this awesome feat of photographic engineering. The two and a half minute video is one continuous shot of a frozen moment on the basketball courts of Venice Beach, which you've just got to see. Read More >>

Science Has Calculated the Perfect Basketball Shot

Shooting a basketball is one of those things we attribute to years of practice and some ineffable god-given talent. But what if you could become a great, or at least much better, shooter just by learning some mechanical science? Read More >>

The Next Nike+ Is a Futuristic Sensor That Brings the Power of Nike's Research Lab to Your Shoes

If you've ever played sports, you've always wanted to measure your athletic ability like the pros. How fast can you run? How high can you jump? Are you any good? Read More >>

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Watch This Guy's Heart Get Ripped-Out Live on Jumbo Vision When His Mid-Game Proposal Backfires

There aren’t many more humiliating things to happen to you if you’re a man than being turned down by the woman you love when you propose to them. But if you happen to be on camera at the time, up on the big screen of a basketball game, on “Mistletoe Cam” no less – that’s just got to be truly gut wrenching. I’m cringing just thinking about it. Ouch. Read More >>

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Slam Dunk King for iPhone and iPad: A Royal Court of Freemium Hoop Dreams

Striding purposefully onto the App Store this past week is Slam Dunk King, a nifty little sports simulator with dreams of making it big. And thanks to the frankly ingenious deployment of a freemium model, it might just do exactly that. Just keep a careful eye on your wallet, because there's a strong chance you're going to get hustled. Read More >>


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