Watch This Behind the Scenes Clip of The Dark Knight's Bat

While you were watching Nolan's third and final Dark Knight flick, did you wonder how in the hell they got the Bat to do all of its hovering, darting and intimidating? Sure you did! Read More >>

These Fascinating Alien Embryos Are Actually Bat Foetuses

Forget about the Montauk monster. This extraordinary photo—taken by Dorit Hockman, from the University of Cambridge's Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience—shows three embryos of the species Molossus rufus, known as the black mastiff bat. Read More >>

This Awesome Motorised Bat and Tumbler Are Made Entirely Out of Lego

Having seen the Dark Knight Rises I've been craving a replica of that awesome flying Bat thing and the original Tumbler; now I've found the ultimate ones you can build yourself. These Lego replicas not only look like Batman's awesome vehicles, they even work like them too. Read More >>

This Bat Has the Ugliest Face I've Ever Seen

There are pros and cons to being a bat. Pros: can fly and catch prey in the dark, have a luscious fur coat. Cons: have possibly the ugliest nose in the known universe. Well, that is, if you're this newly discovered leaf-nosed bat from Vietnam. Read More >>


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