This Insane Carbon Fibre Hammock Bathtub Is the Epitome of Relaxation

The eternal debate — of whether to soak in the tub or lounge in a hammock — has just been rendered moot, thanks to this stunning carbon fibre hammock tub that lets you do both at the same time. Made by SplinterWorks in the UK, it's called the Vessel, and it makes for an awesome centrepiece for your bathroom, assuming you've got the room for it (and the cash). Read More >>

Kohler Spent £1,000 for Me to Take a Bath

Kohler, Wisconsin sits sandwiched between farmland and road houses, slightly west of Sheboygan. It's deposited in an area once so thick with trees that early white guys had to use Indian trails to get their Manifest Destiny on—before growing tired of all that and chopping everything down for the paper mills. Read More >>

Baby Jacuzzi Is a Great Way To Relax After a Long Day Of Napping

If you thought it was stressful being a new parent, imagine what it's like for a baby who's been thrust into the world after spending nine months in solitary confinement. But a few minutes in the MagicBath baby whirlpool every day should calm their nerves. Read More >>


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