The Smartphone Battery King is Crowned and It's Not an iPhone...

You may well be religiously keeping to our smartphone battery tips, but there's only so much juice you're ever going to squeeze out of your blower's battery pack. So which phone will give you the most battery life for your buck? Read More >>

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10 Steps to Saving Battery Life on Any Smartphone

There's that point around three o'clock in any office, when the call goes out. "Does anyone have a Samsung charger?" says your oblivious colleague, hunting round for a microUSB cable for his poor dying phone. But you don't have to let it come to that. Although smartphone battery life kinda sucks, there's a whole host of things you can do to make it last longer. Read More >>

Apple's Shiny New Chipmaker Could Give It a Major Battery Boost

Apple's just acquired Passif, a wireless chipmaker that specialises in making tiny chips that require very low amounts of energy. The deal, it seems, happened sometime in the last few months, reports Jessica Lessin. Read More >>

Would You Buy a Phone With a 48-Hour Battery Life?

Of course you would, because these days battery life is the only spec that actually matters, but would you suffer marginally more chub to grab a beastly battery? Read More >>

All Those Open Browser Tabs Really Are Killing Your Laptop's Battery

There's a tonne of info on the web. You're never going to read it all, but you want to, so your browser has fistfuls of open tabs waiting for that rainy day when you'll want to read a two-month-old article that's no longer relevant to anything. But have you ever wondered what all those tabs are doing to your battery life? Wired's Rhett Allain did, so he measured it for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Read More >>

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How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way

Your smartphone is a minor miracle, a pocket-sized computer that can fulfill almost every whim. But none of its superpowers matter a bit if it runs out of juice. With removable batteries becoming more and more rare, you've got to take good care of the one you got. Fortunately, it's not to hard keep the lithium-ion powering your everything machine happy if you follow a few simple rules. Read More >>

Which Smartphone Has the Best Battery Life? (Summer 2013 Edition)

We've said it once, and we're gonna say it again: battery life is the only stat that matters any more. Sadly, it's also one of the hardest to nail down in a decent, objective manner. Nonetheless, we corralled together a Russian oligarch's wishlist of handsets, and put them to the test. Read More >>

Intel Says Haswell Will Extend Laptop Battery Life by 50 Per Cent

Intel has just made one very, very big claim: it reckons that its new Haswell chip will boost the battery life of laptops by a staggering 50 per cent. Read More >>

What Battery Test Would You Like to Torture a Bunch of Smartphones With?

Battery life is arguably the most finicky  heavily-argued part of the 'phone reviewing process. Different reviewers try everything to try and get an objective battery life, from custom-built apps, to the elusive 'normal-use', or just looping Nyan Cat until your brain explodes. Question is, what test would you like to see the full gamut of high-end smartphones tortured with? Read More >>

The 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Kicks All Windows 8 Laptops in Battery Life Test

If your laptop can't last long enough to get your stuff done, what's the point of having a portable? The product testing gurus over at Which decided to see how the current generation Windows 8 laptops and ultrabooks stacked up. Their conclusion? The 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro is the best, even running Windows 8. Read More >>

7 Worst Battery Life-Guzzling Gadgets

There is a disturbing trend in the gadget world, and it's that laptop, tablet and phone makers aren't taking battery life seriously enough. Yes, having touch on a Windows 8 notebook is great, but not if the computer lasts an hour and a half less than one without that capability. And what good is a smartphone with an HD display and superfast processor if you have to plug it in around lunchtime? Read More >>

Has iOS 6.1 Nuked Your iPhone's Battery Life?

By the looks of it, Apple's latest and greatest iOS 6.1 update has broken quite a few things. Vodafone's having issues, and apparently it's destroyed the battery life of quite a few people's iPhones, according to Apple's message boards at least. Has anyone seen a drop in battery life? Read More >>

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Short Battery Life Sinks First Windows 8 Notebooks

Confusing dual-mode operating system, no Start button, counterintuitive swipe gestures? None of these things spells doom for Windows 8. What will kill Microsoft's newest operating system is the abysmal battery life of the systems on which it's supposed to perform the best. Read More >>

Is Your Windows Phone 8 Handset Randomly Rebooting?

The earliest of early adopters have now been using Windows Phone 8 for almost three weeks — and it seems that there may be a few teething problems. In particular, some users are reporting infuriating random reboots and some battery life issues. Read More >>

Engineers Promise a Single Tweak That Could Double Your Phone's Battery Life

One of the single biggest things that chews through your phone's battery is a component called a power amplifier. It's a vital piece of technology that turns electricity into radio signals -- but now a team of engineers from Cambridge, Massachusetts, says it can stop it eating into your battery life. Read More >>

Mac Battery Life Looks Like It's About to Get a Massive Upgrade

Battery life in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion kind of sucks. A lot. It's very very bad, and was only made a little better with the 10.8.1 update a few weeks ago. But it looks like help is on the way. Read More >>


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