BBC iPlayer Shows Will be Available for 30 Days From the Summer

The seven-day limit on the BBC's iPlayer catch-up service is to be raised to 30 days from this summer, having finally had the extension approved by the BBC Trust. The Trust had to consider the "likely impact on audiences and on the market; the novelty and duration of proposals; and their financial implications," before approving the change. And probably the health effects of a month-long Eastenders marathon, too. [BBC] Read More >>

Hands-On With the Brand New BBC iPlayer

A catch-up services innovator since first launching back in 2007, the BBC today revealed a brand new design for its industry-leading iPlayer streaming platform. Rolling out to mobile and desktop browsers today, I've spent some time playing with the new-look iPlayer in a desktop browser, and while its changes are subtle, they're all welcome. Read More >>

A Redesigned BBC iPlayer Launches Today

The BBC has today announced the launch of a revamped iPlayer catch-up service, rolling out today. Read More >>

Rumour: BBC iPlayer for Xbox One Delayed Because of Kinect Issues

Whether you're a license fee-paying Xbox One owner or not, it seems there's no point holding your breath hoping for BBC's iPlayer application to arrive for the console any time soon. An unnamed BBC programmer has allegedly spoken to Ultimate Gaming Paradise saying that the Kinect is causing the catch-up service to be delayed. Read More >>

You Can Finally Download BBC iPlayer Programs on Android

Having taken what seems like forever to match its iOS counterpart, the BBC's iPlayer app for Android can now download shows for offline viewing, at last. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer is "Doing a Netflix" and Making TV Programmes Purely for the Interweb

So apparently Auntie Beeb is so rolling in creative dough it can afford to splash out on programming that will never actually make it to the TV airwaves. In the same vein as Netflix's House of Cards, the BBC has commissioned a series of drama short films that'll only ever see the light of day on iPlayer. Read More >>

You Can Now Download Shows From the BBC iPlayer on Your iPhone or iPad For Free, Offline Viewing

Finally, something useful for flights, tube journeys, and trips abroad from the BBC; you can now download shows from the BBC iPlayer on your iPhone or iPad (with Android coming soon) for offline viewing, all for free too. Read More >>

android apps
BBC iPlayer For Android Finally Adds 3G Streaming

The iPhone’s had a cellular streaming-capable BBC iPlayer app for a while now. Thankfully Android has caught up at last. A new update has just hit the Android Market to enable 3G streaming, as well as smoother playback thanks to an updated Flash Player. Read More >>

Roku Now Available In the UK With Added BBC iPlayer

The cheap streaming mini-marvel of a set-top box that our American cousins have been raving about for years is finally available on our shores. It’s shipping right now and has even had the BBC iPlayer bundled in for good measure. Read More >>

Netflix is Here, But Does the UK Really Need Another Television On-Demand Service?

With a wee bit of fanfare and a few murmurings of excitement, Netflix has finally arrived in the UK and Ireland. But it is really that big of a deal? It's not as if we don't have a veritable avalanche of television on-demand services already dribbling out of our ears. Between iPlayer, LOVEFiLM, 4OD, ITV Player, Virgin Media, iTunes, YouTube and Sky, we've got all the bases covered thank you very much. Or do we? Read More >>

Windows Phone 7 Xbox Companion App Available Tomorrow Along With Xbox LoveFilm Streaming

Microsoft's rolling out a new Xbox dashboard update that'll include LoveFilm streaming. To go with it, Windows Phone 7 users will also get a cool little free app to control and interact with their Xbox from the comfort of the sofa. Read More >>


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