BBFC Will Let Kids See Sweary Films After Relaxing Ratings Rules

The next time you go along to the cinema to see a 15 or 12A-rated film with your children, expect there to be good chance it'll have significantly more effing-and-blinding in it than was once thought acceptable, with the British Board of Film Classification relaxing rules on what profanities can make the cut into each age band. Read More >>

'Traffic Light' System May Age-Rate Online Video

Although the age-rating system has long been effective at stopping 14-year-olds from getting an illicit peek at some actresses' knockers, it's fallen down a little when it comes to the likes of YouTube. Thankfully, crowdfunding has ridden to the rescue, with a user-sourced 'traffic light' system being mooted as the saviour of virtue and modesty in this age of decadence. Read More >>

Sexy Pulsating Eggs Earned Alien its 18 Certificate

When Alien was released here in 1979 it was given an "X" rating under the old cinema classification system, but not because of its chest-bursting horror. It was due to censors thinking the alien eggs would be a bit too weird and sexy for the innocent kids of the day. Read More >>

How the Hell Can Indie Films Make Money When the BBFC Charges £8.40 Per Minute to Watch and Classify Them?

We have a pretty vibrant community of indie filmmakers here in the UK. It's something we should be really proud of, but their success is hampered severely by bureaucratic hoops that cost an absolute boatload to jump through. Frankly, it's a miracle there are any indie movies at all. Read More >>

Shop Staff Face Jail for Selling Grand Theft Auto to Kids, as Game Rating Laws Get Tougher

A new video game censorship system for the UK will be controlling all the age ratings on our favourite interactive driving and murder simulations from now on, replacing the awkward old combination of PEGI and BBFC age ratings. Read More >>

British Board of Film Classification App Now Includes Mild Google References

The informative and often inadvertently amusing iPhone BBFC app is now on Android, if you need specific knowledge of the strength of swearing a film contains. Shame it still doesn't give timecodes for when nudity occurs, though. Read More >>


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