BlackBerry 10: A Good Start With No Finish Line

Today is BlackBerry World, a celebration of all things RIM. Or, more specifically, one thing RIM: BlackBerry 10, the company's last great hope for a much-needed comeback. But did the company trot out enough goodness today to allay fears over its future? Hard to say. And that's maybe the scariest part of all. Read More >>

BlackBerry Milan BB OS 10 Portrait Slider Image Leaked

RIM's BBX -- sorry -- BlackBerry OS 10 roadmap has codenamed devices named after fancy cities. We've already spied the London, but now the BlackBerry addicts over at CrackBerry have managed to get their mits on a leaked image of the latest in the metropolitan line, the BlackBerry Milan. Read More >>

BBX Is Temporarily Dead, Long Live BlackBerry 10 for the Time Being

When Basis International recently sued over the BBX trademark, Research in Motion couldn't see what the fuss was about. An Albuquerque court could, granting Basis a temporary injunction against using it for RIM's new OS. So what does RIM do in response? It pulls an end-around by quickly renaming the OS "BlackBerry 10". Check out the full injunction here. [Electronista - Crackberry] Read More >>

BlackBerry London to Be First BBX BlackBerry?

The Verge has a photo of what looks like a Porsche Design BlackBerry slapped with a large all-encompassing touchscreen. The device supposedly replaces the 'Colt' as the first BBX-equipped smartphone to come out of Waterloo, Canada. Read More >>

Research in Motion Denies BBX Infringement Claims, Doesn't Know What All the Fuss Is About

After numerous public gaffes, RIM is banking on BBX, its newest platform, to help drag the company back into respectability. Unfortunately, the "BBX" name itself could be infringing on a New Mexican software maker's trademarks. Read More >>

BlackBerry’s New QNX Platform Is Called BBX

RIM's BlackBerry Dev Con is going on right now, but the big news so far is the unveiling of BlackBerry's ballyhooed new QNX platform for smartphones and tablets, called BBX. Read More >>


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