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How to Make a Better Sand Castle That Can Hold the Weight of a Human

Here's a relatively useless yet undoubtedly impressive trick you can pull the next time you go to the beach: make a sand castle that's so unbelievably sturdy that it can hold up an entire person. Seriously. What's it take? Read More >>

It's Amazing That the Same View of the Same Ocean and the Same Sky Can Look So Completely Different

Here's a wonderfully colourful photo project by photographer Robert Weingarten which shows how psychedelic our world can get. Weingarten took a photo at 6:30 in the morning of the same view of Santa Monica Bay from his home in Malibu for an entire year. Even with all that sameness, each photo captures something completely different from before. Read More >>

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Helicopter Crashes Right on the Beach

I don't know what's wrong with helicopters in Brazil, but they keep crashing in the most idiotic ways possible. Check out this one, which was going a little bit too close to the beach until it finally crashed into the waves. [Bing] Read More >>

There Is a Right and a Wrong Way to Use a Beach Towel

You think your beach towel is just some colourful barrier between your ass and the sand? Wrong. That water-wicking blanket is actually an intricately designed instrument, fine-tuned to provide you with the best possible poolside experience. And here's the thing: It's entirely possible that you've been using it wrong all along. Read More >>

The Olympics Uses Special Sand That Doesn't Stick to Beach Volleyball Players

Any beach-goer knows that spending time in the sand means spending infinitely more time trying to scrub sand off your body. Sand just sticks everywhere. But why doesn't it stick to Olympic volleyball players? It's because the Olympics always use special, highly-regulated sand. Read More >>

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Watching Tanks Racing On a Beach Is Almost as Good as Watching Women Racing On a Beach

Apparently, if you visit ome beaches on the Baltic Sea, you can catch this show often. Since the beach itself is not a virgin paradise, the local authorities make these armoured columns go through sand instead of breaking the roads' asphalt. Read More >>

The Science of Building the Perfect Sandcastle

Everyone knows the secret to building sandcastles is a little water. But while too little leaves the sand useless, too much makes it heavy enough to cause disastrous landslides. Fortunately, scientists have unravelled the secrets behind sandcastle building for you. Read More >>

Manual 3D Sandcastle Printer: The Most Tedious Way to Have Fun at the Beach

Somewhere, mankind lost its way. The latest proof being that instead of relying on good old buckets and other moulds for building sandcastles, kids are now given tools like this plastic sand and water funnel which makes them painstakingly build up a sand structure layer by layer. Read More >>

Watching 100 Sharks Bite Chunks Out of Dead Whale on a Beach Is Frighteningly Fascinating

Australia is well known for its sharks; if you're surfing off the coast there's always a chance you'll bump into one of the depth's scariest predators. But about 100 of them going gangbusters devouring a whale up on the beach -- you don't see that everyday. Read More >>

This Beach Is Made from the Blood and Bodies of 200 Tonnes of Dead Sardines

In Japan, there's a scary sight on a port in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture. The ground has been covered by 200 tonnes of dead, rotting sardines and the ocean has been stained red with their blood. It looks like a beach from hell. Read More >>

Playing In the Sand Could Make You Pay On the Toilet

Some people go to the beach but eschew going into the water because it's "gross". If that's you, then you are a sucker. According to a new US EPA study, playing in the sand more than doubles your chances of getting sick. Read More >>


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