The Gritty Cityscapes of Jeremy Mann

The folks over at Colossal have put the focus on Jeremy Mann and his new wonderful cityscapes, large format masterworks of light and colour that contrast with his gritty brushstrokes and markings. Read More >>

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Angkor Wat Might be the Prettiest Street View Yet

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, is the latest addition to Google Maps' already considerable portfolio of beautiful places you can explore using Street View. It's one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, and Google stepped up its game accordingly. Read More >>

A NASA Rocket Soars Into an Emerald Aurora

These are photos of a rocket from NASA's GREECE mission blasting off into the beautiful Aurora Borealis over Venetie, Alaska earlier this week. Read More >>

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Beautiful Time-Lapse of 'The Boneyard', the Aeroplane Cemetery in Arizona

Impressive time-lapse video of The Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, 2,600 acres of desolate desert where 5,000 US military airplanes went to die. It makes me sad to look at them, but their decay is truly beautiful. Read More >>

The Moon Setting Behind Earth as a Storm of Light Roars in Australia

Koichi Wakata—a Japanese astronaut now on board the International Space Station—just shared this incredible photo of the "Moon setting on the blue Earth atmosphere". Read More >>

Artist Creates Amazing Artificial Glowing Nebulae Over City Skies

I love Janet Echelman's floating alien sculptures. I want them to be everywhere, like otherworldly guardians of the night. Urban skies—devoid of stars thanks to light pollution—are a lot more beautiful with these stunning nebulae in them. Read More >>

Stunning Images of the Endless Building and Skies of Hong Kong

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer who loves Hong Kong. These stunning photos are from his latest book, Vertical Horizon, "a deep immersion into the city's thick atmospheres and a visual record of its wildly diverse built environment". Read More >>

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: are Perfectly Symmetrical Faces the Most Beautiful of All?

Beauty is in symmetry. Symmetry is beautiful. Or something like that. But what if that's not true? Photographer Alex John Beck played around with the idea of facial symmetry by creating perfectly symmetrical composite images of people's faces in his photography series Both Sides Of. Read More >>

12 Photorealistic Paintings of Handsome Vintage Gadgets

Think you like gadgets? You don't hold a candle to Canadian artist William Fiske who has spent the last decade painting impossibly realistic portraits of everything from vintage cameras to ageing computer consoles. Read More >>

27 Amazing Images From the Depths of Scientific Labs

As an image-driven person, I often find myself deeply lost and buried in the vast online libraries of universities and research centres. Scientists just love to show off all the big and shiny machinery they work on. Read More >>

The Instagram Accounts We Loved This Year

Not every Instagram account is pictures of semi-famous tweens or farm-to-table food. There are some very artful, very niche accounts out there that we adore simply for their aesthetic merits. We've compiled a catalogue of the ones we follow so you can too.

This Responsive Lighting Pavilion Looks Like It's Alive

This giant colourful honeycomb is called the SOL Dome. Made from thousands of interconnected fibre optics, the structure responds to its environment as if it were a living, breathing plant. Read More >>

This Wall of Paper Pinwheels Turns Air Into Art

Thousands of paper windmills seem to spin effortlessly in The Wind Portal, an installation by Lebanese artist Najla El Zein at London's V&A Museum this month. However, the production process wasn't exactly effortless. In fact, extreme accuracy was required to build this massive wall of wind, because it relies on air—and air is volatile. Read More >>

This Hypnotic Sculpture Is a Substitute Sun During Long Arctic Winters

In some parts of Norway, the sun stays away for three long months of winter. While in Russia, the answer might be UV baths, the sun's absence in Scandinavia has inspired designers Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad to create Travelling Sun, a mobile multihued LED light sculpture that stands in for the sun. Read More >>

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Robots, Humans, and Animations Dance in This Mesmerising Performance

Combine robots, 3D graphics, and actors and what do you get? Box, an amazing performance by San Francisco-based engineering firm Bot & Dolly. It's a short film that explores how the digital world interacts with the real world. Read More >>

A Giant Paper Installation That Looks Like Sitting Inside a Rainbow

Maybe walking around a life-sized maze made of file folders is a hellish work stress dream you've had before. But artist Emmanuelle Moreaux has brought a similar idea to life in a rainbow of an installation for Japan's Shinjuku Creators Festa 2013.
The piece is called 100 Colors, named for the one hundred different hues Moreaux has suspended from the ceiling. The colours were chosen from the thousands of shades produced by a Takeo, a Japanese paper maker. Read More >>


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