This App Would Turn Your Phone Photos Into Personalised Nail Art

You gaze upon the photo you've just uploaded to Instagram: a masterful sunset capture, indeed, the Valencia filter giving it that whisper of intrigue. You think to yourself, Damn, this looks good on my phone but it would look SO GOOD on my pinky fingernail. It could happen, with NailSnaps. Read More >>

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: are Perfectly Symmetrical Faces the Most Beautiful of All?

Beauty is in symmetry. Symmetry is beautiful. Or something like that. But what if that's not true? Photographer Alex John Beck played around with the idea of facial symmetry by creating perfectly symmetrical composite images of people's faces in his photography series Both Sides Of. Read More >>

3d printing
3D-Printed Nails are Way Crazier Than Your Typical Press-Ons

Man, I really love nail art. You might not share the same kind of enthusiasm for crazy custom manicures, but we can all agree that the Laser Girls' 3D-printed nails are decidedly cooler than your average press-on acrylics. Read More >>

A Crap Tonne of Hot Glue Went Into This Beautiful Snowscape

Looking out of a window at fresh snow is beautiful. Even in cities there's a moment where everything is pristine, nothing is moving, and the snow dampens any noise. But if you're not stoked for winter or you live somewhere with eternal sunshine you can get your snow fix another way. Read More >>

Creepy Aluminium Face Mask Promises a Spa-Like Treatment In the 'Comfort' Of Your Own Home

So it turns out we actually shouldn't have been feeling sorry for the Man In the Iron Mask. Because during the many years he was held captive and forced to wear that oppressive facepiece, he might have also been getting a spa-quality facial if it worked anything like this bizarre contraption. Read More >>

Cringe At the Ugliest Cameras Ever Made

Cameras are some of the most fetishised gadgets around. Some designs are gorgeous, balanced. Some even gain iconic cultural status. Others will forever rot in the dustbin of poor product design. Here is a selection of devices that got beaten hard with the ugly stick. Read More >>

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This Start-Up Video Is So Funny, I Kind of Wish I Had a Beard to Shave Off

While the cool, calm breeze blows in our face an hour before the Apple storm ravages our lovely tech site's ears, take a minute to watch one of the funniest start-up pitches I've ever seen, from the Dollar Shave Club, which sends customers a new razor every month. [Dollar Shave Club via Mashable] Read More >>

Banish Under-Eye Bags With a Vibrator?

Eye bags. No one likes them. And no one gets enough sleep. So everyone has them. Read More >>


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