A Remote Control Sofabed For Your Laziest Houseguests

Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, sofabeds put two wonderful things into one even awesomer package. People like sitting, and people like sleeping—it's the perfect combo. So how could a sofabed possibly ever be improved? With an electric mechanism that automatically unfolds and retracts the mattress, with the cushions still attached. Read More >>

This Hanging Bed Is the Ultimate Tiny Home Hack

Creative ways to hide your sleeping space are as old at the first murphy bed, but this might be a first: The owners of this London flat have found a way to maximise their living space without resorting to a bed that foldings into a closet. Read More >>

NASA Paying People £3,000 a Month to Lie in Bed Watching TV

The dream. NASA is hiring men like us for an experiment into the effects of gravity on the human body, asking for subjects prepared to spend 70 days lying in bed watching TV. Finally, a chance to put "lying in bed watching TV" on your CV. Read More >>

A Multi-Purpose Living Cube That Fits Life Into 9.29 Square Metres

Swiss designer Till Könneker recently came up with a fantastic way to maximise the space in his studio apartment, which lacked room for storage. He created a loft bed called the Living Cube that incorporates everything from an entertainment center, to a clothes rack, to even a walk-in wardrobe for stashing things he wants kept out of sight. Read More >>

Live Your Entire Life in Bed With a Bedsore-Detecting Mattress

Spending your life at home and never getting out of bed is not only considered socially unacceptable, it can lead to serious medical conditions like bedsores. But thankfully one of those two concerns has been eradicated thanks to the MAP System, a pressure sensing mat that helps prevent pressure ulcers from happening. Read More >>

USB Bed Risers Are Far More Useful Than Stolen Milk Crates

£18 worth of molded plastic and electronics is about to vastly improve your bedroom experience. This set of four risers from Bed Bath & Beyond not only boosts the height of your bed by eight inches, making you feel more important and increasing the amount of storage space you've got underneath. They also put a pair of power outlets and USB ports in easy reach so you can charge all of your electronic paraphernalia over night. Read More >>

This Desk-Bed Makes Snoozing at Work a Cinch

The mid-afternoon lull is a common problem. But if you often find yourself dribbling upon your keyboard during a short power nap at work, maybe you need something like this convertible desk, designed for specifically for snoozing, in your life. Read More >>

This Lucky Kid Has the Coolest Spaceship Bed Ever

If you thought racecar beds were cool, well, you're still right. But they aren't the coolest. That trophy's been taken by this righteous homemade spaceship bed, complete with totally awesome control panel. That is one lucky kid. Read More >>

You Don't Need an Engineering Degree To Transform This Sofa Bed

Your typical pull-out sofabed is a marvel of modern engineering, but with all those interconnected parts and a mattress that's designed to fold away, they're not exactly the epitome of comfort. At least not compared to Guido Rosati's brilliantly simple Scoop sofabed which simply opens and closes like a giant pair of scissors. Read More >>

Clever Folding Bunk Bed Leaves So Much Extra Space for Activities

In many homes, and nearly all apartments, floorspace comes at a premium. That's what makes bunkbeds such a space saver. The Dumbo Double Murphy Bed takes it a step further by letting you fold them up. Read More >>

MMA Cage Bed: Wrestle Your Spouse For Sheet Supremacy

Do you spend every night in a subconscious game of blanket tug-of-war with your bedmate? Now you can use a winner-take-all approach with this MMA-approved cage match bed that lets both of you playfully battle it out and decide who gets the majority of the sheets before you fall asleep. Read More >>

Under Chair Cat Hammock Keeps Fluffy off the Damn Furniture

If you have pets you've already accepted the fact that your home will be perpetually covered in a layer of fur. Visitors, though? Probably not as keen. So this tiny hammock lets your cat still use your furniture without leaving it covered in hair. Read More >>

Nothing Tells Your Guests They're Not Welcome Like Making Them Sleep In a Pod

Do you deal with visiting family members during the holidays that more than overstay their welcome? This year try putting them up in one of these Podtime tubes, they'll quickly get the message that maybe they should have booked a hotel instead. Read More >>

A Layer of Insole Gel Promises To Make This Mattress as Comfy as Your Favourite Trainers

Riding high on its success with gel shoe inserts, Dr. Scholl's expanding its comfort empire with a line of Technogel sleep accessories covered in the same blue goo that you slide into your shoes—promising a comfy and cool night's sleep. Read More >>

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The Luckiest Kid on Earth (or Hoth) Just Got an AT-AT Bunk Bed

There's countless ways to be an awesome dad, but they're all pretty pointless now that Derek Dutilly has built this fantastic Star Wars AT-AT bunk bed for his son. All the ponies in the world couldn't compete with this creation. Read More >>

Giant Nest Bed Fulfills All My Big Bird Fantasies

Forget about that retracting bed. If I lived in a small apartment I'd happily replace all my furniture—bed, couches, dining table—with this giant padded nest. If it's good enough for a giant yellow bird, it's good enough for me. Read More >>


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