Future-Predicting Phones Will Speed Up App Launches

Even with a fancy A5 processor or who-knows-how-many-core Snapdragon chip, smartphones sometimes can't quite keep up and apps take far longer to load than we'd really like. A team of engineers, however, is building software that predicts the future in order to speed things up. Read More >>

Just Thinking Women Are Nearby Makes Men Dumber

If you often find yourself stuck for words in the presence of women, don't beat yourself up; we've all been there. But it turns out it's not you, it's science! Merely thinking about the presence of women makes men stupid. Read More >>

Men Think Women Wearing Red Are More Interested in Sex

Red has always had a reputation for being raunchy. But why is it that men seem to be more attracted to women wearing red than any other colour? Read More >>

Italians Hold Their Booze Better Than Swedes

It's science! And it's not just Swedes who Italians can drink under the table. It's also Latvians, Lithuanians, and Estonians. Read More >>


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