The Worst Air Pollution in the World is NOT in Beijing

There have been lots of stories on Gizmodo lately about the poor quality of China's air. But, as the New York Times reports, Beijing's air pollution isn't even that bad... relatively speaking. "Lately, a very bad air day in Beijing is about an average one in New Delhi," says the Times in an article about the Indian city's smog. Read More >>

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There's So Much Smog in Beijing You Have to Watch the Sunrise on Video

In Tiananmen Square in Beijing, there's a lot of smog. So much smog, in fact, that a huge LED screen is sometimes used to display a beautiful sunrise—which is useful, because you can't see it otherwise. Read More >>

This Amazing Chinese Mansion Is Abandoned Because It's (Supposedly) Haunted

This expansive stone mansion—known Chaonei No. 81—is an architectural anomaly in Beijing. Once a church, then a home, today the building stands out for its ornate Baroque style, yet it lies in decay. Why? Because it's probably haunted, and no one wants to go near it. Read More >>

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Hutong Vs. Highrise: A Photo Essay On China's Radical Urban Chrysalis

Beijing is one of the earliest still-existent cities planned around a grid: the old city is organised around a chessboard-like matrix of alleys, known as hutong, that date back at least a millennium. But as developers in Beijing scramble to built modern towers in the urban core, hutong are disappearing. Read More >>

Why the Sunset Looks the Same on Mars as it Does in Beijing

On the left is the sunset as seen from Mars. On the right is the same view from Beijing. Were it not for the latter's urban setting, you might not be able to tell the difference. Crazy, right? Fortunately, science can explain why. Read More >>

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This Is Not a Scene From Blade Runner

You probably have seen the extreme smog in Beijing, so bad that you can observe it from space. But this shot freaked me out, just because it looks like a frame from Blade Runner. So awesome—if you don't live there, that is. [Twitter] Read More >>

Irate Customers Egg an Apple Store When the New iPhone is a No-Show Causing Apple to Halt Sales

They had come from miles around, stood in sub-zero degree weather for hours, and patiently queued for the store to open its doors. Today was iPhone day in Beijing! But when the doors did open, the huddled masses were told there would be no iPhone 4S, not today. And then sh*t got real. Read More >>


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