Tin Foil Hats Just Got a Major Hardware (and Fashion) Upgrade

They've been a mainstay of the hyper-paranoid for decades—at least when it comes to comic depictions. But now, the classic, beloved tin foil hat has left the world of hyperbole to become an actual, honest-to-god mind-reading-deflection machine. And it looks fancy, to boot. Read More >>

Microsoft Patents Depressing Kinect-Based Audience Monitoring Tool

Microsoft has applied for a Kinect patent that uses its posh webcam to count the number of people in a room, just in case there's any confusion as to whether your entire family watching Evil Dead counts as an illegal public screening. Read More >>

Say Hello to Big Brother: The Queen's Brought a Modified Version of That Horrendous Internet Snooping Bill Into Draft

Looks like we're not getting away totally scot-free from that seriously scary, almost Chinese-style internet snooping bill. It's made it through today's Queen's speech in a draft form, complete with on-demand site, email address, social media and phone-number access, so the government can see who you contacted; what you were looking at, and for how long. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Privacy: The UK Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Snooping

The UK is set to take Big Brother into the 21st century, Chinese-style, if the government’s plans to snoop on your web browsing, email, and phone calls are pushed through. GCHQ could be given the power to monitor your internet activities in real-time without a warrant – the same kind of tactics employed by both China and Iran. Read More >>

Is Your Security Cam Broadcasting to the Entire World?

You installed that internet-accessible security cam so you could keep an eye on your place while you’re out, but it seems everyone else can too. Trendnet’s got a serious flaw in its software that lets any old Tom, Dick or Harry spy on you over the net. Read More >>

Giant Head Costume Is Apple's 1984 Commercial Come to Life

For a paranoid section of the population, a giant face on a monitor can be an Orwellian nightmare come true. But, a giant face on a monitor that walks around town in a white jumpsuit is actually pretty cool. Still, he should definitely keep an eye out for a girl in red shorts wielding hammers. Read More >>

Turkish Military Police Rescue Nine Girls Held Hostage in a Fake Big Brother House

We all have opinions about the people on Big Brother-style TV shows. But spare a thought for nine girls who were duped into taking part in a fake show — then held captive while naked images of them were sold online. Read More >>


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