Meet Porton Man, the £1.1 Million Robot Soldier Guinea Pig

Looks like Boston Dynamics' super creepy hazmat robot, Petman, just got a new best friend. Say hello to Porton Man, the Ministry of Defence's brand new £1.1 million, animatronic robot pet. Read More >>

The Pentagon's Scariest Robot Can Now Hurl Cinder Blocks Your Way

Boston Dynamic's Big Dog was already one of the most advanced — and terrifying! — robots on the planet. Well, it just got scarier, because now it can accurately throw cinder blocks at you while on the march. Read More >>

The World's Scariest Robot Now Listens to Human Master

There's nothing on the planet that's equal parts terrifying and spectacular quite like DARPA's LS3 "Big Dog" robot. It has the horrific realism of an actual dog, mixed with the horrific robot quality of... a robot. Now it's even more powerful. Read More >>

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Pentagon's New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough to Follow Its Masters

Boston Dynamics keeps refining its Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped descendant of the good old and creepy Big Dog. The new version of the eerie mechanical horse, which will aid US Marine squads once finished, got some cool upgrades. Read More >>

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DARPA's Newest Robot Is Possibly Its Creepiest Ever

We love DARPA's unsettlingly-lifelike BigDog bot. We love it in spite of the fact that it's absolutely terrifying in motion. Now it has some bestial competition: the DARPA Cheetah. Ugh. Its legs. Its legs are so frightening. Read More >>

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Watch the Amazing BigDog Robot's Big Brother Romp Around the Woods

The BigDog robot was terrifying and all, but its big brother the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is stronger, lasts longer, and should make life way easier for our soldiers. Here's what it looks like in the great outdoors. Read More >>

This Is the New Generation of the Creepiest, Most Awesome Quadruped Robot Ever

This is AlphaDog, the next generation of BigDog, the creepiest and most awesome quadruped robot of all time. The damn thing is now smarter and can stand up on its own when it's down. Like a real horse. Read More >>


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