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Totally Convincing Video Evidence of Captured Bigfoot Proves Nothing

In a striking video that would make Ken Burns blush, the world is being (steadily more virally) treated to the absolutely watertight claim that Bigfoot, THE Bigfoot has been shot and captured by self-proclaimed 'Sasquatch Hunter' Rick Dyer. Read More >>

Steam Box Maker More Worried About Apple Attacking the Lounge Than Sony or Microsoft

As with the rest of the known world, Valve boss Gabe Newell is waiting for Apple to make its move into the home gaming realm, and he sees this as more of a threat to his forthcoming Steam Box dream than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's home hardware. Read More >>

Forget 'Piston': Valve's Going to Sell Its Own 'Bigfoot' Steam Box With Fancy Biometric Controller

Gabe Newell isn't quite being the fountain of information we'd like him to be right now, but having been cornered by the Verge, he let slip a few choice details on the incoming Steam Box. Valve's going big here, and its plan is pretty console-killing ambitious. Read More >>


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