One Neil Diamond Album Download Hits Teacher With £2,600 Roaming Data Bill Shocker

A lady who fancied listening to a bit of Neil Diamond while on holiday in South Africa was royally ripped off in roaming fees from network Orange, which managed to charge her a staggering £8 per MB in mobile data costs. Total cost to download one album over the mobile network? £2,600. Read More >>

EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users. Read More >>

Government Sends Final Demand to Energy Companies for Compulsory QR Codes on Bills

Despite David Cameron's promise of a world in which the "Internet of Things" has our microwaves asking us what ready meal we'd like partially heated up for dinner tonight, the government's energy secretary Ed Davey foresees a tamer and more realistic tech future in which the old QR code is used to help customers save money on energy bills. Read More >>

UK Networks Agree £50 Cap on Lost and Stolen Phone Charges

Four of our largest mobile networks have come to a deal on handling calling fees run up on lost and stolen mobile phones, with EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone agreeing to limit the nicked mobile bill shock to a maximum of £50. Read More >>

EU Votes to Ban Mobile Call, Text and Data Roaming Fees From 2014

A complete end to mobile roaming fee stress should hit Europe next year, thanks to EU politicians voting to approve and "fast track" into law regulations that stop the networks charging us any roaming fees while within the EU's member states. Read More >>

Dead Man Charged £10 For Not Paying Virgin Media Bill on Time

Virgin Media has made the rather enormous error of sending out a bill to a dead man, also cheekily adding a £10 late payment fee. Why not turn up at the funeral and prise the rings off his fingers to pay for his TV debts, you cold-hearted automatons? Read More >>

Faulty iPhone Burns Through £19,000 of Mobile Data

A supposedly "faulty" iPhone landed a man in severe financial trouble, after the phone racked up an astonishing £19k data bill -- and network Orange tried to take the money from the bloke's account. Read More >>

O2 Upping Monthly Contract Bills by 3 Per Cent and You Can't Complain or Quit

Network O2 has decided it's time to start whacking up its monthly contract costs, with the UK mobile provider adding 3.2 per cent to all monthly tariffs from next February. Regardless of what you signed up for. Read More >>

Man Claims Orange Charged Him £6,875 to Download One TV Programme

Painter and decorator Chris Wilson got a bit of a shock when he came to pay his latest mobile bill, with the kind lady from Orange giving him advance warning something bad was about to happen -- then asking for £6,875 to settle his monthly bill. Read More >>

Ofcom Investigating Recent UK Mobile Contract Price Rises

After receiving loads of complaints following a series of mid-contract price rise outrages, regulator Ofcom is said to be looking at the practise of networks including "price variation clauses" in their contracts which let them take more money off us whenever they like. Read More >>

This Perforated Receipt Would Make It Super Easy To Literally Split the Bill

You may be at a point in your life where splitting the bill comes off as tacky, but everybody's been in that position where it's totally necessary. For those times, like when you're a poor, struggling student, the Go Dutch Bill would come in super handy -- if it actually existed. Read More >>

Free Calls Should Be Free From Mobiles, Too

The UK's regulator of communications wants to simplify the minefield that is mobile phone calling fees, amending the rules so that calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobile phones as well as land lines. Read More >>

T-Mobile Jacks Up Its Contract Prices and There's No Escape

Following in the footsteps of its Everything Everywhere partner, we shouldn’t be surprised to find T-Mobile’s jacking up its prices too, and again, you can’t get out of your contract because of it either. Read More >>

London Police Spent £35,000 on Calling the Speaking Clock

If you want to know the time, don't bother asking a policeman any more. Figures released by London's Met Police show that officers built up £35,000 in phone bills simply from calling the speaking clock service to find out if it's dinner time yet. Read More >>

"Clocked" Gas Meter Gives Woman £13,230.55 Bill

A glitch in the way an energy company computes bills resulted in a shock for one poor lady, who was greeted by an automatically generated demand for an extra £13,230.55. Read More >>


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