Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now

Microsoft is late to the game when it comes to putting a digital assistant on its phones, but the wait might be worth it. Sources close to the project have revealed some of the specifics of Microsoft's upcoming "Cortana" service to The Verge, and it could be the very best of Siri and Google Now. Read More >>

Bing! That's Illegal and You're Sick and Probably Going to Prison

Microsoft's Bing search engine is (a) still going and (b) about to launch its own crackdown on sick underage porn images, by kindly warning those searching for certain terms that what they're doing is wrong. Read More >>

What Search Engines Really Think of Each Other

The search engine wars are many things: one-sided, enduring, non-violent. But like all good immutable conflicts, they can also be catty. Read More >>

The Hilarious Difference Between Google and Bing in One Picture

You use Google. Or maybe, just maybe you use Bing. Sometimes one is better. Sometimes the other is prettier. Sometimes it's the other way around. Whatever. The most hilarious, ridiculous difference between the two though? How they auto-complete the Xbox One. Google Instant finds words like terrible, ugly, a joke and so forth. Bing? Just one. Amazing. Read More >>

Bing Serves Up Five Times More Malicious Sites Than Google

Not all search engines are created equal—and when it comes to Microsoft's Bing, it seems that means malicious websites are happily returned far more often than by Google. Read More >>

Santa Sacks Google For Microsoft

The popular kiddie Santa-tracker offered by NORAD has taken sides in the internet search war, dumping its affiliation with Google in favour of using Bing and Microsoft's maps to track Father Christmas this year. Read More >>

Microsoft: Google Shopping is Lying to You

Microsoft has launched a rather aggressive attack on Google, claiming its fierce internet rival serves up shopping results not based on relevancy, but on how much advertisers have paid to be right at the top of the page. Read More >>

How To Get Your Google Back in Windows 8

If you've used the newly arrived Windows 8, you may have noticed that among the army of colourful tiles, there's something important that's conspicuously absent: Google. Microsoft is pushing its own Bing and Internet Explorer hard, but if that doesn't cut it for you, Google put out this catchy little video on how to get your Google back. Read More >>

Amazon's Fire HD Dumps Google For Fling With Bing

As well as skinning Android 4.0 with its own custom interface so it's completely unrecognisable, Amazon's also tweaking the way its new tablets access search by dumping Google for... Bing. Read More >>

The New Kindle Fires Will Have Bing for Search

Google maybe the big name when it comes to Internet search, but Bing is certainly not giving up the fight. Now it's the default search engine on all the new Kindle Fires, which will give it yet another foothold on its long, hard climb. Read More >>

Bing's New Friend Tagging Feature Is So Cool You'll Wish It Wasn't On Bing

If Google's angle is that it actually works really well, Bing's is that it's a "social search engine." And the latter's new Friend Tagging feature lives up to that promise, tapping the social network you actually use to aide your search results. Read More >>

google maps
Google Updates its Maps Photo Database to Enhance Aerial Lechery Opportunities

We were impressed by Bing's increased photo resolution, now it's Google turn to upload newer satellite photos of the tops of our houses for us to aimlessly scroll around in wonder. Read More >>

Already Seen the World on Google Maps? Try Binging Your House

The map parts of Microsoft's Bing world have been significantly updated, with MS adding some 215TB of new satellite imagery to its "Bird's Eye" aerial views of the world. For a different viewpoint to the one offered by the omnipresent Google. Read More >>

Bing's Animated Homepage Is What the Face of the Internet Should Look Like

Bing's homepage is wonderful today. Right now, it livens up your basic search page with an animated timelapse of concentric startrails at Mountain Valley in Utah (for us Brits to see it you'll need to dive on over to the settings and change the country to United States). It's gorgeous. But more importantly, it's the kind of tasteful-but-futuristic design we want to see more of. Read More >>

Kogan Gets Snubbed By Microsoft Over Its IE7 Tax

After Kogan took it apon itself to try and rid the world of IE7 with a tax on IE7-using shoppers, Microsoft's decided Kogan's just not fit to appear in Bing's listings anymore. Read More >>

Find Out If You're About to Be Flooded Out In Real Time

Next to a good cup of tea, Britain is also well known for its ever-changing weather. With long spells of hideous rain making up the most of the past week, many places have suffered some severe flooding. With more rain surely on the way, there begs the question: 'Will I get flooded next?' No longer do you have to look out the window or even put your wellies on and check outside, just check out this awesome map. Read More >>


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