Being Sad Makes You Less Likely to Binge Eat Crisps for Dinner

A study into how emotions control our desire for nice foods that make us fat has found that we might all be thinner if we're permanently depressed, with sad thoughts apparently limiting the desire to eat stacks of unhealthy food. Read More >>

£400-a-Night 'Drunk Tanks' to Save High Street From Booze Armageddon?

Binge-drinking youths might soon find themselves locked up in a modern version of the drunk tank, with police chiefs pushing plans to bung drunks into special holding cells to vomit and wee over themselves while sobering up. Then charging them up to £400 for their stay. Read More >>

Crazed Devon Man Punched Peanuts and Tried to Have Sex With an Ambulance

An extremely enjoyable party was had by Calum Ward in Barnstaple bus station last November, when he was caught on CCTV setting fire to some peanuts, punching the peanuts, then appearing to try to have sex with a bus. And yes, there were some drugs in his pocket. Read More >>


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