Dronestagram Lets You See Cool Pictures From a Drone's Perspective

Here's your great time waster website for the evening: Dronestagram. Exactly like how it sounds, it's a website that shows you pictures taken by drones which means you get to see amazing angles of the world you've never seen before. It's like being a bird or taking a helicopter tour of Dubai, France, Rio de Janeiro, Maldives and other cityscapes and countrysides from your computer. Read More >>

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This Unbelievable Footage Literally Shows a Bird's Eye View of the Entire World

Everyone has wanted to fly at some point in their life. Unfortunately for most of us, watching this unbelievable trailer about Discovery's Winged Planet is the closest we'll ever come to actually flying. That's okay thought because the footage is unbelievable—cameras were mounted onto birds to see life from their point of view. Read More >>

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Watch This: POV Aerial Shots Taken with $12k Copter

Birds Eye Productions specialises in high-quality, remotely-controlled miniature helicopters for photography and videography. Their 2012 show reel is incredible example of the state of the art of this technology. [Reddit] Read More >>


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