"Onesie Saved My Baby's Life", Says Woman That Gave Birth in the Leg of Her Onesie

Child birth; a beautiful, often messy, always painful thing. Rarely, however, is it also this embarrassing. Read More >>

Remember That Day of Immense Pain and Suffering With a Human Placenta Photo Frame

Artist Amanda Cotton has come up with an interesting niche gift item for new mothers, offering to turn their leftover placenta into a "lovely" photo frame. Read More >>

New Mums Check In With Their Newborns on iPads to Start Surveillance Young

After a difficult birth, women are sometimes separated from their newborns because the babies are placed in the neonatal intensive care unit, and the mothers are recovering elsewhere in the hospital. Cedars-Sinai in LA is providing iPads for "BabyTime," though, so families can stay connected. Read More >>

"Adventurous" Woman Needed to Give Birth to Neanderthal Baby

Geneticist George Church believes he nearly has all the required things bubbling away in his lab to enable him to clone a Neanderthal, with the only missing link being a woman who's brave enough to want to carry our alien ancestor. Read More >>

This Is What Child Birth Looks Like, From the Inside

Back in 2010, a team of German doctors announced that they'd recorded the world's first MRI of a woman giving birth. Back then, only still images were available—but now the researchers have released the video, and it's spellbinding. Read More >>


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