Happy Birthday Top Secret Recipes, Pirate Bay's First Ten-Year-Old Torrent

If you're still able to access the Pirate Bay through your ISP or via the simplistic hack of Googling for a proxy, take the time to download yourself a copy of Top Secret Recipes today -- the oldest torrent on the site. Read More >>

Get More Birthdays By Celebrating Mathematically Significant Dates

Birthdays are great, aren't they? Really, we should have more of them—so why not try and do that by opting to celebrate mathematically significant dates rather than being a slave to the annual event? Read More >>

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An Easy Trick To Help You Remember Birthdays Offline

Facebook has basically made remembering birthdays meaningless. With automatic reminders, it's just as easy to wish a happy birthday to your own mother as it is to wish one to that random girl you think you maybe lived down the hall from you in the freshman dorms. But it doesn't take much more effort to show that you're really thinking of the people you actually care about. Here's how: Read More >>

Soon You'll Be Able to Use Facebook to Buy Real Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

If it wasn't for Facebook, you'd probably forget all of your friends birthdays. Now, instead of just leaving them a nice salutation on their walls, you'll soon be able to send them a real-life gift to their front door. Read More >>

Happy Birthday to The Pirate Bay, Which Turned Nine Against All Odds

The world's most popular piracy portal reached a new landmark over the weekend, celebrating nine years of existence in the face of blocks, censorship, court cases and just your general kind of international uproar. Read More >>

Saying Happy Birthday to Your Friend on Facebook Is Meaningless

We've already told you that Facebook ruined your birthday. And it's so completely true! It's completely meaningless now, hordes of semi-friends and quasi-acquaintances fake like they care about you. Ugh. And maybe when the wall posts first start trickling in you're a little happy, but as more and more keyboard vomit starts popping up, you tune 'em out. Read More >>

You're More Likely to Die on Your Birthday

Surrounded by friends and family, celebrating with good food and drink, birthdays are happy occasions that we all look forward to. But new research suggests that, of all days, we're most likely to die when we're celebrating the passing of another year of our life. Read More >>

How Common Is Your Birthday?

Your birthday! The day you feel like the most special person on the planet! The day you get to do what you want. But don't forget, other people share your birthday too. In fact, a lot of people do. What are the most common birthdays? Check out this snazzy visualisation to find out. Read More >>

Just Add Booze To This Origami-fied Birthday Card Shot Glass

In what is truly a stroke of pure genius, this simple birthday card will turn the last minute bottle of hooch you picked up at the corner store into the most thoughtful birthday gift you can give someone. Read More >>

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Dickens, Love From Young Master Google

Google's topical search engine illustration currently features a montage of hatted gentlemen, ladies of leisure and rough street urchins, thanks to today being the 200th anniversary of the arrival of our most famous storyteller, Mr Charles Dickens. Read More >>


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