McVitie's Drops Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Bombshell: You've Been Eating Them Upside Down

As someone who's convinced himself that eating a packet of crisps opened from the bottom somehow affects their taste, I nearly had a heart attack when reading this. You know the chocolate side of a McVitie's Chocolate digestive biscuit? That's its bottom. Read More >>

McVitie's Ads Want to Examine the "Emotional Role" of the Biscuit in Today's Society

United Biscuits, owner of the McVitie's brand and all the magical sugary food it produces, is about to launch a £12m advertising campaign in the UK. It wants to make the eating of too many biscuits an emotional event. After all, who hasn't cried themselves to sleep after eating an entire packet of Chocolate Digestives? Read More >>

Government Ministers Banned From Tea and Biscuit Gravy Train

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says serving MPs have been told to keep their fingers out of the complimentary governmental biscuit tin, explaining that hospitality offered to visitors is for visitors alone and suggesting MPs have been ordered to avoid eating Hobnobs at the taxpayer's expense. Read More >>

These Delicious Wall Hangers Look Just Like Biscuits

Hungry? Sorry, you're outta luck. While this box might look like it's stuffed full of biscuits, you're actually looking at a cool new set of wall hangers. Read More >>

McVitie's Lovingly Bakes Enormous Fantasy £7 Jaffa Cake... Cake

An astonishing three-tier Jaffa Cake fit for the most extravagant society wedding has gone on sale in the UK, putting to bed once and for all the age-old cake/biscuit question. That is 100 per cent cake and anyone who says otherwise is only allowed to eat Digestives for the rest of their lives. Read More >>

German Police Are Hunting a Real-Life Cookie Monster Who Stole the Golden Biscuit

This seems like a massive marketing stunt to me, but apparently not. Police in Germany have launched a hunt for a real-life cookie monster, who stole a giant golden biscuit and is holding it for ransom. The prized possession was stolen straight from the Bahlsen biscuit company, best know for the yummy Leibniz butter biscuits. Read More >>

Just How Do They Make Those Delicious Little Biscuits Cakes Known as Jaffa Cakes?

I'm going to spend the rest of my days living in envy because The Telegraph's Harry Wallop was allowed into McVitie's Jaffa Cake factory, and I was not. Luckily he shot a video, so we can all dream of diving into vat P130, or scooping a freshly-baked biscuit (sorry, I mean cake) right off the conveyor belt after its 18 minutes' journey. Read More >>


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