These Black And White Photos Turn Truckstops Into Art

Sometimes it feels like the romance of the road is lost at truck stops. Those oases of diesel fuel and stale coffee seem too industrial, too pragmatic to fit into a Kerouac-style vision of road tripping. Photographer Michael Massaia lends some highbrow class to the truck stop with his series Seeing the Black Dog. Suddenly, those hulking 18-wheelers look gorgeous. Read More >>

Forget 4K: Amazingly Some 13,000 Britons Are Still Watching Black and White TVs

Yes, 4K might be all up in our collective grills right now, but apparently some people haven't even gotten on the colour bandwagon yet, let alone HD or UHD. The TV Licensing bods issued 13,202 monochrome licences last year for black and white TVs -- what the hell? Read More >>


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