The Various Ways to Die Inside a Black Hole

Falling into a black hole never sounded like fun. How could it? Black holes are the darkest places in the universe, where not even light can escape the singularity's immense gravitational pull. It wouldn't be fun. But what, exactly, would happen? Read More >>

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These Stars May Look Mellow But They're Resisting a Huge Black Hole

Nothing is ever as tranquil as it seems. This image is pretty and has lots of fun, trippy colours. But all of that variation is being produced by gas, dust and other matter as whole galaxies fall into a supermassive black hole. Created from Hubble data, the image shows the cosmic tug-of-war going on in the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies 230 million light years away. Read More >>

This Black Hole Spins at (Almost) the Speed of Light

NASA and the ESA have teamed up to measure how fast a black hole, that weighs 2 million times more than our Sun, spins — and the result's mind boggling. Read More >>

The Biggest Ever Black Hole Weighs 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun

Every spiral galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center, so they're no big deal, right? Wrong: scientists have just discovered the biggest ever black hole, which weighs 17 billion times as much as our Sun—and it throws previous thinking about the evolution of our universe into question. Read More >>

NASA Flicks the Kill Switch On its Over-Achieving Black Hole-Gazing Veteran

For 16 years NASA’s Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, RXTE to his friends, provided unprecedented views into the hearts of black holes, white dwarfs and neutron stars. Having far surpassed its initial goals, RXTE has sent its last transmission back to Earth and has been switched off for good. Read More >>


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